That’s three: BBC N Ireland too does NOT politicise a health problem

From BBC N Ireland today:

A review of the clinical records of 44 patients who died under the care of former neurologist Michael Watt has found “significant failures in their treatment” and “poor communication with families”.

While this review looked at a sample of 44 deceased cases potentially thousands more could be affected.

Living in Scotland and familiar with our media coverage of health matters, you’d be forgiven for thinking:

’44 deaths, thousands affected, the Health Secretary must go?’

Read on and you find that BBC News NI have only spoken to the chair of the board. No politician gets a mention. No opposition politician calls for anything.

Remember, this man?

Sam Eljamel was the head of the neurosurgery department in Ninewells Hospital in Dundee and BBC Scotland, reported on the case of two people claiming to have been harmed by him.

The Health Secretary, Humza Yousaf appears 3 times and is accused of ‘washing his hands’ of the case. The Scottish Conservative MSP Liz Smith is quoted twice and calls for a public inquiry.

This is just the latest in the building evidence for that clearest of proof that BBC Scotland is institutionally biased against the SNP Government.

I’ve reported here on many cases where the above contrast can be demonstrated, in the reporting of BBC Wales, England and now, Northern Ireland. These three almost never politicise a health problem even where many have died due to malpractice. BBC Scotland almost always does politicise even the numerically smallest of incidents, allows the Health Secretary to be ‘accused’ and platforms at least one opposition politician, to make the accusation, their facts unchecked.


3 thoughts on “That’s three: BBC N Ireland too does NOT politicise a health problem

  1. The BBC is an institution –
    institution – ”a facility or establishment where the sick or needy live and receive care , typically in a confined setting and often without consent ”.


  2. BBc are just an arm of the British state, and my do they want to take the Scottish health minister down. Their agenda is clear, to undermine Scotland’s democratically elected government especially in areas that are ‘devolved’. SNP politicians need to start pointing out in every ‘interview’ about how even the BritNats’ questions re devolved matters/powers should be directed to the ‘sovereign parliament’ in London, where health problems are a legacy of their administration and where the ‘block grant’ money is decided, not Holyrood.
    Go down the route of blaming them, it’s true anyway.


    1. Have a listen to Stephen Nolan Show BBC Sounds on 28th. Permanent Secretary for Health NI in the absence of a devolved NI government running health for a Tory SOS for NI says the rich may have to pay for NHS. Assume BBC Scotland will also be reporting on this as so related to last week’s ‘Big’ story…..


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