Domestic abuse incidents in Scotland fall for first time to significantly lower level than elsewhere in UK

From the ONS, for England & Wales

The police flagged 912,181 recorded offences as domestic abuse-related in the year ending June 2022. This represented a 14% increase from 798,607 offences in the year ending March 2020. This included 723,164 violence against the person offences flagged as domestic abuse-related, a 15% increase compared with the year ending March 2020. Some of this continued increase may reflect improvements seen in recording and reporting over the last few years.

That represents 1 incident for every 65 people in England and Wales. Tragically, some will feature in repeated incidents.

From the Police Service of Northern Ireland:

In the 12 months from 1st July 2021 to 30th June 2022 there were 33,186 domestic abuse incidents in Northern
Ireland, an increase of 2,026 (6.5 per cent) on the previous 12 months.

That represents 1 incident for every 57 people, a higher level than in England & Wales.

From the Scottish Government’s statistics section today:

The police recorded 64,807 incidents of domestic abuse in 2021-22, a decrease of 1% compared to the previous year. This is the first year this figure has shown a decrease since 2015-16.

That represents 1 incident for every 84 people, a significantly lower level than in England & Wales or in Northern Ireland.

I appreciate that there can be problems with comparing crime rates but where policing and background cultures are so alike, there are at the very least questions to be asked about the effects of political actions in the preceding years.

Scotland’s media are not interested.

4 thoughts on “Domestic abuse incidents in Scotland fall for first time to significantly lower level than elsewhere in UK

  1. ”Scotland’s media are not interested .” – correction , John .
    ”UK anti-SNP media posing as Scotland’s media not interested .” – sorted !


  2. A Domestic Abuse that cannot be dropped orappealled. Police are now arresting abuse women and people with additional needs.

    Abusedwomen cannotget legal aid which has to be paid back insny cSe. Women who co habit do not have equal rights. It can cost £thousands and take years going through Courts. The UK has oneif the highest prison numbers inEurope. Women in England can get legal aid.

    Womenand children have to stay in unsafesituations because they cannotget legal aid and would lose the roof over their heads.

    Letting agenciesillegallycharged deposit and six months upfront rent ev en if women have excellent credit.


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