Another fairy tale of SNP doom

One or two Herald writers have a thing about predicting the destruction of the SNP.

Time after time, they get it wrong, but keep on getting paid to do it all over again.

At least, this time, Neil Mackay seems to know it’s a fairy tale he’s spinning, like that old witch in Sleeping Beauty:

LIKE all good fairytales, there are myriad versions of The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg. However, every telling compromises the same basic elements and ends with the same stinging moral.

We’ve had Macwhirter, Gordon, McKenna, Smith and Mackay all sensing defeat for the SNP over the last decade but their predictions never survive a collision with the evidence. See this:

47.7% in May 2021, 46.6% average in the last 5 polls. That’s a fairy tale too.


4 thoughts on “Another fairy tale of SNP doom

  1. The NHS inthe UK isgunded £150Billion. Nearly 1/4 of revenues raised. They needanother £10Billion. The. Ondems cut NHS funding £20Billion from 2015 to 2020. The SNHS is funded £15Billion. Paid for by the block grant. Scotland needs another £1Billion. Personal care and prescription. Means less people are in residential care and hospital. Social care provided in Scotland.

    The Westminster Gov funded £819Billion. Spent £915Billion 2019/20. Spent £270Billion on Covid funding. £370 over a lifetime. They will not fund the NHS. Spent £13Billion ayear decomissing nuclear plants for teyears. Increased military spending £5Billion. Supporting war in Ukraine. Caused by broken Treaties by the West. Johnston. etc.

    Wasted £Billions on Hickley Point and HS2 etc.

    Scotlandwould be far better off Independent.

    Scotland did not get £27Billion for parity Covid funding., but hasto pay the debt.


  2. The NHSiswonderful saving lives everyday. The Tories or anyoneelse will never destroy it. They will destroy themselves. Out atthe next election. They haveru

    They have ruined theeconomy. Brexit has changed st£Billions.


  3. Are there still people who bother to read that rag? Like many, I can remember when it was a publication worth the purchase and had some great journalists and columnists. What a sad fate.


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