Why is Scotland with a falling level of abuse the only country with a problem?

Some? All day today on Reporting Scotland Down, no numbers, no evidence, just one lawyer’s opinion:

It was rushed in!

Why is this headlining? Why is it even a story? Where’s the ‘news?’ Did Ms Leslie just approach BBC Scotland on her own bat? Is she being ignored by the Scottish Government? Is she pals with John Beattie? Is…..

About Ms Leslie:

Our Partner, Kim Leslie, has secured compensation in landmark sums in high profile cases. Digby Brown has a proven track record in recovering compensation for survivors of abuse.

I need say no more on that.

Here is some news:


That’s a 20% fall in 10 years.

Only Reporting Scotland, across all BBC sites, even the BBC Scotland site, is reporting this supposed news.

7 thoughts on “Why is Scotland with a falling level of abuse the only country with a problem?

  1. A clever form of marketing and advertising
    Such people are ” The Devil,s Little workers ”
    And in my opinion such people can go and F**k


  2. Talking of Mr Beattie and “News”. Yesterday’s theme on BBC Scotland News was about an alleged “GP shortage”. on ‘Drivetime’, Mr Beattie told us he had met a neighbour who is a GP and ‘she burst into tears telling about the stresses of the job”. Anecdote becomes news.

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    1. .. neighbour who is a GP and ‘she burst into tears telling about the stresses of the job”.

      Aye so she did John. You will find a bunch of fairies at the bottom of my garden as well for your next show.

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      1. Stephen
        May i extend a invite to my
        Where The Leprechauns, unicorns, Trolls , miniature dwarf mermaids in the pond and Wizards shall entertain
        Refreshments free as donated by The Flat Earth Society
        Food also by The Creationists
        All logic, rational , common sense and science Strictly Prohibited


  3. The demonisation of the SNP continues apace. This is a democratically elected and legitimate party in Scotland, a party the people vote for because they work FOR the interests and welfare of the people, not against, in contrast to the cabal down in Westminster. I watched a programme via ‘Democracy Now!’ about Haiti, and how the US and France deliberately wrecked the country in every which way they could, portraying it as ‘dysfunctional’.

    Watch and compare, not exact same of course, but not dissimilar to Scotland. Scotland is being demonised, their choice of government is being portrayed as dysfunctional. It’s all deliberate and a preamble to a very possible threat of enacting a takeover of Scotland’s parliament, (with the blessing of the BritNats who sit in that room) on the grounds of ‘national security’ or something similar. Put nothing whatsoever past the BritNat state to keep Scotland shackled it’s crucial to England’s survival now, scarily.


  4. The reason I find journalists who lie and who propagandise abhorrent, is even more apparent when I watch things like this. Watch and share, we must NEVER allow the English government to remove one single part of the human rights act, never mind all of it, and the ECHR which they also intend removing from us. It’s utterly terrifying in fact.

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