Scotland has lowest Covid infection rate again

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BBC Health and BBC Scotland continue to report Covid data but, otherwise our MSM have gone quiet. Neither report comparative data, as they loved to do when Scotland was ‘the worst.’

We’ve been the best for two weeks now:

  • 2.43% in England (1 in 40 people)
  • 2.38% in Wales (1 in 40 people)
  • 2.17% in Northern Ireland (1 in 45 people)
  • 2.04% in Scotland (1 in 50 people)

Remember, those percentage points look small but stand for thousands people without Covid in Scotland and tens of thousands with it in England.

If it was the other way round, Humza Yousaf would stand accused so, logically he is now praised?


One thought on “Scotland has lowest Covid infection rate again

  1. The number in hospital has also dropped quite a bit. It was over 800 a few weeks ago and is now at 665 according to the data released by PHS on Wednesday last week.


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