‘Game changing’, ‘400 000 children’ but not headlining?

Game changing, you say? Where’s the story? There, down at the bottom left.

Here’s a bit of the content:

See that 5.3 million at the bottom. Headline story eh?

How are BBC Scotland covering it. They did this morning on TV but didn’t mention that it was unique to Scotland. They don’t do tasteless comparisons…unless….wait…drug deaths!

Here it isn’t on their website so you can’t read the full story.

3 thoughts on “‘Game changing’, ‘400 000 children’ but not headlining?

  1. While the BBC and other media deliberately ignore the SG’s attempts to reduce poverty let us hope that the families in receipt of this benefit will remember when voting !

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  2. I see it has made top story now on the website. After reading the child poverty action group querying why the UK can’t do this my eye was caught by the following section
    “A UK government spokeswoman said: “Our priority will always be to support the most vulnerable and we recognise that people are struggling with rising prices, which is why we are protecting millions of those most in need with at least £1,200 of direct payments.

    “In addition, vulnerable families are being supported by the government’s household support fund – which was boosted by £500m – to help pay for essentials and latest figures show that there were 200,000 fewer children in absolute poverty after housing costs compared to 2019/20.

    “The UK government has also provided an extra £123m for the Scottish government to help vulnerable families at their discretion and this is in addition to the significant welfare powers they already have.”

    Looks like they’re trying to claim the credit in the last paragraph!

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