Health Secretary praised as bed blocking far less serious in NHS Scotland

In the Guardian today:

As many as one in three hospital beds in parts of England are occupied by patients who are well enough to be discharged, with a chronic lack of social care meaning many do not have suitable places to go.

Guardian analysis of official data shows that on average 13,600 beds across NHS England are occupied every day with patients who doctors say are medically fit to go home or to a care home, equivalent to one in seven beds in acute hospitals in October.

However, that rose to more than one in five at 35 of England’s 121 acute hospital trusts, and to almost one in three at two trusts – North Bristol and Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS trust.

Scotland has had for some time a higher number of beds per population than all of the other parts of the UK.

With 1 832 delayed discharges in September and 20 553 beds, the bed blocking ratio is 1 in 11 compared to the 1 in 7 in NHS England.



One thought on “Health Secretary praised as bed blocking far less serious in NHS Scotland

  1. Because such comparisons between health service performance in Scotland and the other parts of the UK are being made by pro-independence websites and the SG, indicating that the performance in Scotland is relatively better, often markedly so, the unionist media has taken to sneering, that it is not a great achievement to be the best of a bad lot. These are the same media who have misused data for years and continue to do so.

    They seem to think that this response is still proof Scotland is bad.

    However, this then begs the question, which they rarely ask, of where the financing of the UK institutions comes from, if it is so bad.

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