After Twitter, Mastodon?

I joined Mastodon, the alternative to Twitter two years ago but let it slip due to a small following.

In the light of recent musky events, I’m using it again to post RSU/TUS reports.

Will stay with Twitter for the moment.

Do join me at:


7 thoughts on “After Twitter, Mastodon?

  1. I just created an account and followed you. No doubt I’ll have something to say when I figure out how. 😜

    I am also staying on Twitter for the time being, but I am rather expect to eventually cancel my account. Musk is just … I have no words.

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  2. I’ve been considering options too, my daughter informed me twitter is for bigots and losers and I should use Instagram instead but I think this is because she has little interest in political news and debate – is Instagram not just for poseurs and influencers?

    Anyway, I will give Mastodon a look and of course follow you John. It might be a good way to get rid of all the dodgy posts that seem to have been multiplying on twitter

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