Scotland’s worst emergency department is 33% better than worst in England

From the Herald’s ‘Health’ Correspondent:

THEY are only 60 miles apart and see roughly the same number of patients every week – but on A&E performance, Ninewells hospital in Dundee and Forth Valley Royal in Larbert are worlds apart.

Ninewells has been the best-performing of the larger A&E departments in Scotland for years now but never gets a mention. At last, they think, we can mention it but just to show how bad another A&E department is under the heading ‘startling disparities.’.

Here are the facts:

In September 2022, NHS Scotland’s A&E departments saw 69& of patients within 4 hours. The figure in England was 56.9%. NHS Scotland was 21.3% better.

In the same period, Ninewells saw 85.7% and Forth Valley Royal only saw 42.3%.

8 English A&E departments did less well than Forth Valley Royal. Barking, Havering And Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust only managed 31.8% on average so one of their hospitals might have been even worse. Forth Valley thus did 33% better.

I’m by no means suggesting that the Forth Valley figures are acceptable but try finding, in London, opposition MPs or national newspapers reporting on the 31.8% shock, or their ‘startling disparities.’.



One thought on “Scotland’s worst emergency department is 33% better than worst in England

  1. It shouldn’t need to come across as some form of competition, but unfortunately Scotland’s media penchant for publishing context free commentary (much as Starmer did on Geissler’s wee ‘Scotland is shite under the SNP” show) compels it if only to furnish some benchmark beyond the repetitive “latest A&E figures worst on record” from James Cook’s outfit along with cameos from the other two “wise monkeys” Gulhane and Baillie 🙄

    On a slightly associated note, I did find it amusing to see the rug pulled from under HMS James Cook’s portrayal to Scots that only NHS Scotland personnel were contemplating strike action – The script writers in Elizabeth House must have been livid having bullshitted Scots it was a local problem, then having to reformat everything when it became impossible to hide England as was now a NATIONAL strike action.

    So HMS James Cook had to post the UK version – But not on the Scotland page less that dilute Keir Starmer’s “Brutish jobs for British people” rerun, hence the Scotland/Politics page posting in prime position…
    On UK/Politics it’s way down in 6th place, behind the story of the Arse Williamson’s latest screwup, Arse Sunak urging the world to move faster on renewables (hypocrisy is thy name) 🤣, a futher rehash by the Kuensbergererer, a feeble attempt by the Tories to blame high energy bills on history, and finally something useful from LibDems beyond “Do I look stylish” (in Scotland) with a proposal over hiked mortgages….

    Keep up the good work 😉

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