‘Overseas nurses comin’ over eer, treatin’ my mum!’: New Racist Labour leader reveals ignorance of NHS Scotland

85.4% of NHS staff in England are British. 5.8% report an Asian nationality and 5.4% are EU nationals.


There doesn’t seem to be an equivalent breakdown for Scotland. That’s good. It tells you something you want to not hear about Scotland.

We’ve seen UK Labour leaders try to get down and dirty with the Cons before.

British jobs for British workers!‘ Gordon Brown 2009.

It didn’t work then. It won’t work in two years time either. You can’t outflank the Cons on the right. You need to claim the so-called middle.

Are Starmer’s comments challenged by an interviewer from an institution, the BBC, that presents itself as a beacon of democracy and human rights across the globe? Not a word of criticism.


Click to access CBP-7783.pdf



8 thoughts on “‘Overseas nurses comin’ over eer, treatin’ my mum!’: New Racist Labour leader reveals ignorance of NHS Scotland

  1. Martin Geissler gave Mr Starmer a pretty challenging interview and despite persistent attempts to get him to answer questions about independence and about Brexit, he continually avoided answering them and trying to change the focus to his script.

    Mr Starmer claimed that the route to recovery is by getting a Labour majority across the whole (sic) UK. Labour has never had an MP in Northern Ireland and does not even put up candidates in elections. It does have members in NI, but, it does not stand for elections. It had an agreement to stand aside for the SDLP, but the SDLP has always been for a United Ireland and, over the past 30 years it has lost ground to Sinn Fein and to Alliance. The last senior Labour figure to speak about NI was John McDonnell, who appealed to the DUP to form an alliance!

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  2. The guy’s a slavering halfwit, his ENHS is short of @140k personnel at the last count and according to Kings Fund, Nuffield Trust and the Health Trust report just released, this will climb to 250k by 2030. As all areas continue to haemorrhage staff with 20% considering leaving, and the report also mentions the increasing difficulty of recruiting overseas the staff that Starmer doesn’t want, which exacerbates shortages as foreign staff are not as keen to come as before. He’ll not only have to stop the rot but also recruit at double his planned rate to reach required numbers by 2030.

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    1. Training people isn’t the problem my friend. They need to improve the terms and conditions first to give incentive to those considering work in health and more importantly showing those already there that they are listening to their grievances’


  3. “This is the absolute classic of this Tory government….” says Starmer, despite the exact same being true for every single UK government of the last 50 years, squeeze state investment, screw down wages, pile on the debt, keep juggling the chaos balls with promises of jam tomorrow…

    His attempt to court the anti-immigration gammons to increase electoral chances may well work in England, but he’s out on a limb in Scotland dragging the “British jobs for British workers!” ghost back off the shelf.

    There is NO long term planning in the UK and hasn’t been since 1946…

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