Health Secretary praised as NHS Scotland emergency wards perform more than 20% better

Only 31.8% in 4 hours? In Europe? No...

From Public Health Scotland today, for September 2022:

69% of attendances at A&E services were seen and resulted in a subsequent admission, transfer or discharge within 4 hours.

For the same month in England, the figure was 56.9%.

NHS Scotland has thus performed 21.3% better.

Remember, it’s not just 21.3%. That means thousands more seen within 4 hours in Scotland than if they’d been treated in England and hundreds of thousands more waiting more than 4 hours in England than if they’d been treated in Scotland.

In Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust, a staggering only 31.8% were seen in 4 hours. The areas has 3 Labour and 1 Con MP (IDS).

Scotland’s worst performing board, Lanarkshire, saw 56.7% in 4 hours.

Who praised Humza Yousaf? We did.


8 thoughts on “Health Secretary praised as NHS Scotland emergency wards perform more than 20% better

  1. Wonder why Little England
    Does not blow their own trumpet with regards these matters
    Since Truss and her fiscal suicide
    The Trumpet has gone ominously silent of late
    Many a tune was played in the not too distant past like
    Best in The World
    Leading the World
    World Class
    Sunny uplands
    Green pastures
    Highest growth in G20
    Easy trade deals
    Wonderful opportunities
    British Fish are Happy
    The Best country in the World
    Levelling Up
    On and on the song book went
    But if you study history all this is symptomatic of the
    Coital Bovine Scatology that leaders of former great empires spew out as final ignominious collaspe
    Stares them in the face
    ” The End is Nigh ”
    That truly is the only song sheet now available for them now as they scramble
    For new Tunes
    All unbelievably akin to Hitler last few weeks in the Bunker

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    1. You missed “The 5th Biggest Economy in the World” possibly for the obvious reason the vast majority of us don’t get a sniff at that wealth. We must also be in the Top 5 for foodbanks. For reasons I’ve never understood, we’re also at the bottom of the league for revolutions. Coincidence?

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      1. Coinneach

        Ah but the will never tell you these facts
        GDP /Capita 38th Ireland 4th
        Worst trade deficit in the World
        Purchasing power of average salary 68th in The World
        Ireland 58 % richer
        Next year Poland will be richer
        On current Trends in next 3 yrs UK will be the poorer
        Than the EU 27 members
        I could fill a library as to how UK decline is now in terminal velocity stage
        The UK by any measure is well and truly bankrupt now
        Truss forced World markets to view and apply
        New criteria to UK fiscal affairs now and for ever so
        No longer does the history of honouring debts apply
        But now main criteria is
        GDP growth
        Balance sheet liabilities / assets
        Trade deficit
        Then ability to improve such
        Quite simply now UK on negative credit rating
        Which in reality can never improve but only progress to being rated as JUNK
        Ah but somehow they shall manage to portray such as
        ” The Best Junk in the World “


  2. STV news is becoming as selective as BBC Misreporting Scotland with its description of A+E waiting times . Last night they highlighted the 4 worst examples from around Scotland and followed this up with a deeply biased comment from a rep. of the BMA .
    No attempt was made to give the national picture nor a comparison with comparable A+E depts in England or Wales , therefore deliberately suggesting that only Scotland’s A+Es were under pressure .
    This was editorial choice to select one negative aspect of the A+E stats rather than giving the overall figures for each Health Board or the National figures , which painted a much more optimistic picture of the NHS’s performance .

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    1. I watched STV news this evening. More on A&E and delayed discharge.

      I estimate that the addition of A SINGLE SENTENCE of fewer than ten words would have given STV viewers information both for perspective and some reassurance – A&E waiting times in England, NI and Wales worse. Even ‘similarly challenged’ would have been appropriate.

      But no – no context, no perspective, no comparisons, no reassurance, and therefore none of the readily available evidence that the NHS in Scotland and the Scottish Government are together with their peers across the UK facing severe problems.

      Isn’t it hard for folk in Scotland to be confident that we’re ‘better together’ in the UK when the media opt NOT to tell us how those we’re ‘together with’ are getting on!!!

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  3. It seems social media is today consumed by ‘War torn’ (YES) city of Dundee with ‘widespread?’ riots to be bothered about our superior NHS. Yes small bands of kids throwing firewords with two cars suffering minor damage apparently causing ‘huge concern’ amongst the local Unionist MSP. According to reports you would think that Dundee City centre had been brought to a standstill from rampaging hords but in fact sounds more like a good night out in Brighton. In fact the ‘riots?’ were confined to the Kirkton area of Dundee which has over many decades been known as one of the City’s less affluent parts. (no disrespect to the locals)

    You see the Unionist media will always find something to complain about if they look hard enough ensuring everyone continues to falsely believe Scotland is a hell hole under the SNP.

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    1. Gerry
      Just wait till it all kicks off in England as the Disadvantaged wake up to the con of Brexit and the empty rhetoric of Levining Up
      It is pile of tinder dry resentment awaiting a spark

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