Kay Adams invites Scotland in Union to undermine NHS Scotland

The Kaye Adams show on BBC Radio Scotland regularly and disproportionally attracts negative comment on Scotland’s public services. Unionist activists get on too frequently to have a rant, uninterrupted. Often they’re undeclared members of the covert writing group made up of Scotland in Union members.

In July 2020, I wrote this to Adams:

Not even an acknowledgement.

Here’s the list:

How large and representative will the sample of callers be? Less than 10 and not at all. I can offer a better response to Kaye’s question using a twitterpoll of significantly more :

  1. NHS Patients:

More than half experiencing no crisis at all and less than 1 in 5 reporting one?

2. NHS Staff

Not quite a crisis with only 1 in 3 agreeing?


10 thoughts on “Kay Adams invites Scotland in Union to undermine NHS Scotland

  1. I would be very surprised if the Production staff / Scotland Office, responsible for “Call Kaye” and her agenda did not proactively nudge a few folk well in advance, to get the responses lined up that they really wanted.

    People are increasingly laughing at their “made up”, Health Crisis, Ferries and a new one tonight I heard from BBC Scotland, was that there might be a shortage of coffins over the winter.

    And they still expect folk to actually pay for this!!

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    1. None of this is new. In 2012, I was driving over to the Hamilton campus to take a class in 2012, and she was having a discussion about the possibility of a referendum. One guy came on to say he would be very against an independent Scotland with Alex Salmond in charge. When Kaye asked him what he had against Alex, the guy replied “Well, he’s a Jambo, isnt he?”

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    1. Any of these pseudo-scots like her, Martin Geisler, Glen Campbell, John Beattie, etc, etc, (this includes the STV ones) who love WestMonster so much and show it in their interviews and actions, should move to England and get all the work they can working for the Biased Broadcasting Corporation down there.


  2. I never listen to Radio Scotland but Radio 4. When I did listen to it, and that was for years until 2014 when Kaye Adams on her morning programme was so very obviously a unionist. This is completely wrong of a phone in programme, where the person interviewing should be completely neutral that is part of the job.

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  3. Adams is not the only one promoting these “have a moan” sessions, nor is SiU the only group playing this propaganda game even if they fly under the radar, but I’d return to your earlier observation on how does this inform the public ?

    You only need look how the BBC manage the Scotland web-pages and invite comment for example – In prime spot on Scotland/Politics this morning was “NHS Scotland in a perilous situation, says doctors’ union”, – 1,039 comments when I first noted it, earliest comment 14.38, latest 07.52, dominated by the “Nicola ate my hamster” brigade, with only a few suggesting how to improve matters, however impractical.
    That number had swollen to 1,319 when they closed comments, the last being 11.14.

    Dominated by Dr Kennedy (BMA) hyperbolic comments on the urgency of improvements needed, with the “usual” contributions from Tsunami Baillie and Disaster Gulhane, only once are budget constraints mentioned but not in the context of WESTMINSTER’s imposition of them.
    Yousaf is a politician, not a Health Board Manager, and as you’ve previously highlighted, contrast the framing of this article with that typical of England or Wales where not a politician is mentioned either for or against the government.

    At the time of writing said article in Scotland/Politics has been demoted to 3rd place, with a Lazy Winters special taking top promotion spot copied over from the Scotland page, “One in six patients should not be in hospital” – No comments open but essentially the same propaganda game.


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