Das Verdammt Boot! BBC Scotland’s Ferry Saga to be adapted by Netflix Germany

Headlining on Reporting Scotland and on the BBC Scotland website, those damned ferries again.

Meanwhile, all six Type 45 Royal Navy destroyers are still docked, at a time of heightened tensions with Russia. They’ve been there since 2018. They cost, initially, £1 billion each. Media coverage? Well only in the Portsmouth News in 2022:

DELAYS in the costly £160m programme to fix unreliable engines propelling Britain’s £6bn fleet of destroyers have been branded a ‘bloody disgrace’ by a former head of the Royal Navy.


When does the Admiral expect to get his ships? Not for another six years!

BBC UK reporting? Nothing in the last 12 months. Only this from 15 September 2021:

Royal Navy warship heads for repairs after four years in port. A £1bn Royal Navy warship has been towed from its home base for repairs after spending four years in port.


Any investigation by MPs? Nope? Any criticism of Government? Of course not.

What about those aircraft carriers delayed after breaking down? They were built in Scotland commissioned by the UK Government not the SNP Government. Any coverage by BBC Scotland?

Nope. Just this from BBC Hampshire & Isle of Wight on 7 October 2022:

Royal Navy’s HMS Prince of Wales to head to Scotland for repairs


Scotland, you say. BBC Scotland will be all over this failure by the UK Government to manage the contract properly. Nope, though their Facebook page does a wee bit on the carrier just missing the Forth Bridge.

Back to BBC Scotland and those ferries. Today’s report follows this only weeks ago:

Ten things we learned about Scotland’s ferry fiasco


Those wee ferries are ‘ours’ ie the SNP Government’s but those giant aircraft carriers are invisible.

TuS has responded to more than ten MSM reports sensationalising the story. See: https://talkingupscotlandtwo.com/?s=ferries


8 thoughts on “Das Verdammt Boot! BBC Scotland’s Ferry Saga to be adapted by Netflix Germany

  1. The Type 45 ships will be available at the same time as HS2 and the new Hinkley Point nuclear Power Station being built by ( whisper ) the Chinese !
    All of which are right on budget !!!

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  2. Yup, the Royal navy. £10-20 billion.
    The Ajax light tank. £5 billion.
    Bulb Energy. £2 billion.
    HS2. £80 billion???
    Any London infrastructure spend. X2…X4…X6 ??????
    House of Parliament. £12–24 billion. Blank cheque.
    And so on………………..

    Invisible to Glenn and Juan. The Repressing Scotland team.
    Or…disnae matter…jist get the “Nats”.

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  3. Beyond the comparative cost examples, this latest Ferry story is made all the more ridiculous when the originator of this claptrap, Tory List MSP Graham Simpson, is quoted as saying-
    “Surely it was known these sensors would be needed but now we are going to be left with a gas guzzling, climate-busting ferry for at least the first nine months of its service.”

    I know for a fact a shortage of these sensor has plagued the motor industry at exactly the same time demand for dual-fuel engines has rocketed, yet Simpson demands THIS manufacturer should have been clairvoyant.
    I don’t suppose Simpson knows or cares that LPG engines consume more gas than they do normal fuel else he’d have thought better on his “gas-guzzling” hyperbole, and ALL dual-fuel engines start on normal fuel before switching to LPG when warmed up.
    As to “climate-busting”, on the Ardrossan to Brodick run ? Ehm 🤪

    He then demonstrates his own clairvoyance by declaring “No doubt this will also increase the already spiralling cost of the Glen Sannox.” – Pray tell Chief Engine Officer Graham Simpson, WHY should it ? Perhaps you should ask RN-failed Bowie for his expert input 🙄

    Bad enough that a clown such as Simpson should spout garbage on matters of which he hasn’t a clue, but that BBC in Scotland should print it and amplify it is beyond ridiculous.

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  4. Despite the media nonsense, Ferguson’s is now a fit for purpose shipyard with a working management and design capability. It should receive as many orders as we can give it for standardised modular type ferries and other ships as required. This will ensure that shipbuilding remains an industry in Scotland with all the associated benefits.


  5. Prehaps the British Government know the war in the Ukraine is a limited adventure and the threat to the UK is minimal. That would explain why these type 45 destroyers aren’t sailing about the seas. It suits all parties the Russians, Americans and Brits to pretend that the cost of living crisis is caused by the war in Ukraine and not the international elites who are milking their populations for everything they cant get. Oligarchs have no country ,no loyalty everything is a commodity to be bought and sold. Those who wrap themselves in the Union Jack are the worst hypocrites, Russian money financing a Tory hard Brexit. They have all probably got around the table and agreed this scam war to enrich themselves, keeping it going for as long as they can. UK, Ok I think not.
    Dissolve the Union.


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