First Minister accused of being soft on police by hiring too many?

Regular letter writer of ill-informed SNPbad accusations to the Herald, Express and others, Bob McDougall of Kippen, gets another wee rant in the Herald today, on policing. He claims to be a researcher but offers no facts. I’m left with the easy task of providing them:


In the year ending June 2022, the police in Scotland recorded 285,974 crimes. This was 5% lower than the 300,747 crimes recorded in the year ending June 2021, and 5% lower than the 301,376 crimes recorded in the year ending June 2018.,the%20year%20ending%20June%202018.

In England & Wales in the year ending March 2022 overall crime returned to and exceeded pre-coronavirus pandemic levels. The 6.3 million crimes recorded was 4% higher compared with the year ending March 2020.

All things being equal, with roughly 11 times the population, England and Wales might have been expected to record around 3 million crimes but recorded more than 6 million. So, overall, crime is twice higher in England & Wales than it is in Scotland, after more than a decade of two governments.


In 2021, per 10,000 of population, Scotland had around 32 police officers – compared to around 21 in England and Wales:


Six English police forces are in special measures, none in Scotland are:


7 thoughts on “First Minister accused of being soft on police by hiring too many?

  1. It is notable that the jibe is about the hiring of what he calls ‘spin doctors’. And which governmental department in Edinburgh has hired many spin doctors in the past 10 years, more than any other department? It is the Scotland Office, a Westminster Department based in Elizabeth House.

    But, of course, they tell the truth ……. about pigs flying and ‘levelling up’

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  2. There does appear to be a propaganda campaign on police pay under way, this for example where Gary Robertson led Calum Steele into the trap of making it a wholly SG decision.

    For the likes of “McDougall” (much as SiU) it’s the McMagic Roundabout of specific opposition to SNP no matter how spurious the argument, .

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  3. Who guards the guards?

    Johnson, Truss, Braverman and probably many more Cabinet ministers used personal phones for government business and then got “hacked” (Johnson had his “private” number online).

    Who did it? Russians? Chinese?
    How about the gutter press? They have form.
    It could be a Tory Faction like the ERG, Herr Greased-Moggy, “Dancing Queen” plotter Govey, or any of the other loony-tunes.

    The “Scottish” mejah would ALWAYS prefer to blame Nikla.

    In the world of Scotophobic Brit Nat “journalism” a wee e-mail from Hi Jack is all the evidence they need to fetch the pitchforks and light the torches.

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    1. Ah but the sting for HMS James Cook is always in the tail/tale – “Scottish Conservative transport spokesman Graham Simpson said: This revelation just adds to the shambles around the building of this vessel, which was supposed to be climate-friendly.
      Surely it was known these sensors would be needed but now we are going to be left with a gas guzzling, climate-busting ferry for at least the first nine months of its service.
      No doubt this will also increase the already spiralling cost of the Glen Sannox.”

      I’ve closely followed the development of dual fuel engines and can attest to the fact every single engine manufacturer across the world is suffering from the exact same issues, and it IS the engine manufacturer who fits and calibrates them since neither Graham nor James Cook would be able to recognise the difference between an injector or a sensor let alone the arse end of a bus hitting them between the eyes.
      The “spiralling cost” oh his and James Cook’s salaries would possibly cover an entire year’s fuel, may I make a suggestion…. ?

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