‘I wouldn’t bring a member of my family to this [English] hospital,’ says medic but neither local Tory MP nor Labour opposition are interested

From BBC Health today:

On Friday 21 October, Cameron Stone, 20, arrived at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital by car after being referred by his GP. He had been unable to keep food and drink down for a week and was dehydrated with a painful abdomen.

“A&E was chaotic – more like a supermarket queue than a hospital,” said his mother, Debbie Barnfield.

Cameron was put on a drip in A&E. Ten hours later he was moved to a small side room with other patients and given a reclining chair on which to spend the night.

“He was absolutely shattered and had a fever. All we could do was give him a towel to keep him warm,” said Ms Barnfield.

The next day – 26 hours after he first arrived – Cameron was put on a trolley and wheeled into a different overspill room for the night, before being moved into the acute medical ward as a bed became free.

“I really feel for the doctors and nurses because they are literally run off their feet. I don’t know who is to blame but it’s an absolute shambles,” said Ms Barnfield.


Note that ‘I don’t know who is to blame?’

While the Health Secretary, Steve Barclay, does get a wee mention at the beginning with

Steve Barclay is back as England’s health secretary, just as the NHS prepares for what its chief executive Amanda Pritchard says could be a “very, very challenging winter”.

That’s it for politicians. Barclay does not appear again, is never ‘accused’.The local MP Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown (photo) does not appear at all and no opposition MP criticises the Conservative Government for more than a decade of underfunding, for Brexit-induced staff shortages or for the effects of privatisation.

In a 65 paragraph report, only the Trust is even associated with the problems. They’re not really ever blamed because this kind of thing is happening everywhere, the BBC accepts uncritically

BBC Scotland, as you are all, perhaps wearily, familiar with, operates differently. In ‘Scotland’s A&E waiting times worst on record’, in September 2022, they platform this:

Health Secretary Humza Yousaf said the figures were “not acceptable” and he was determined to improve performance.

Scottish Tory health spokesman Dr Sandesh Gulhane said the figures showed the “crisis in A&E is not merely continuing, but deepening”.

The Scottish government target is that 95% of patients attending A&E are seen and subsequently admitted or discharged within four hours.

It began publishing weekly A&E statistics in February 2015 over concerns that the figure had dropped to 86%.

The figure has been below 70% since May and the previous low was 64.8% at the beginning of July.

In the latest weekly figures from Public Health Scotland, 27,097 attended A&E and a record number waited more than four hours (9,895).

The number of people waiting more than eight hours was 3,367 – a new high – and 1,257 people waited longer than 12 hours.

Doctors working in emergency medicine have issued stark warnings recently about the impact of long waits in A&E. It is simply not safe, and patients are dying as a result, they say.

Like the rest of the NHS, a major part of the problem is bed capacity in hospitals.

Too many beds are taken up with patients who don’t need hospital treatment any more but can’t get home because of pressures in social care.

But there are also more patients who need to stay in longer because they are sicker due to delays managing their condition because of pandemic. It’s a worrying cycle of growing need and not enough capacity.

Some people will turn up at A&E for more minor conditions because they don’t know where else to go, but the growing numbers of patients waiting eight, 12 or even 24 hours is an indication of a more widespread crisis in the NHS.

The health secretary – who has come under increasing pressure to fix the problem before an expected spike in admissions during the winter – said accident and emergency departments were working under significant pressure.

Mr Yousaf said the impact of the pandemic continued to affect health services across the rest of the UK and globally.

Dr Gulhane, Scottish Tory health spokesman, said the figures were extremely alarming for patients and staff because excess delays lead to avoidable deaths.

“It’s especially concerning that these worst-ever stats come well ahead of the traditional winter peak demand in A&E,” he said.

“The health secretary can’t ignore these dire stats. He must come up with an alternative strategy to tackle this crisis in Scotland’s NHS, as his flimsy Covid Recovery Plan clearly isn’t working.”

Scottish Labour health spokeswoman Jackie Baillie said the “ridiculous” lengths of waits for emergency care would cost lives.

“If we are to avoid a full-blown humanitarian crisis this winter then the government must act now,” she said.

Scottish Lib Dem leader Alex Cole-Hamilton said emergency care was “overwhelmed” and staff were at their “wits’ end”, adding that the Scottish government’s NHS recovery plan had “failed”.


20 out of 24 paragraphs politicise a health problem in the way that BBC elsewhere in the UK do not do. Naked bias.


7 thoughts on “‘I wouldn’t bring a member of my family to this [English] hospital,’ says medic but neither local Tory MP nor Labour opposition are interested

  1. Lately we have been shown on BBC their noble guidelines on presenting accurate, unbiased news. Presumably these guidelines are only applicable south of the Anglo-Scottish border.

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  2. Ah but ….. the unionists and their media chums will argue, that it is because they harry the Scottish Government on health issues that NHS Scotland performs relatively better than the NHS elsewhere, which, of course, by the Helen McArdle protocol, it doesn’t because we are not comparing like with like.

    There is no contradiction in that statement by unionist and media thinking.

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    1. In her maiden speech to the Commons after her first election as an MP, she recommended “Cromwellian methods” for dealing with Scots. That would be murdering and starving to death Scottish PoWs or deporting people as virtual slaves to Barbados. It got lots of laughs and claps from listening Tory Unionist MPs.

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      1. …and she has been appointed as a ”levelling Up ” junior minister under Michael Gove .
        What can Scots expect from this ‘Slaver’ ? Deportation ?

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