Reporting Scotland Up: Homicide in Scotland is down again to lowest in UK and lowest since 1976


From the Statistical bulletin on crimes of homicide recorded by the police in Scotland in 2021-2022, today:

In 2021-22, 53 victims of homicide were recorded, 10% (or six victims) fewer than the 59 victims recorded in 2020-21 (Table 1). This is the lowest number of recorded homicide victims since comparable records began in 1976.

The figure for England is 710, up from 570 in 2020/2021:

All things being equal the homicide rate in England & Wales, for 2021/2022, with 11 times the population, might be expected to be around 583 but was 710, back up to its ‘normal level’ since 2016, but up 25% on the pandemic year of 2020/2021.

In Northern Ireland there were 24 homicides in 2021/2022 up from 22 in the previous year. with 2.8 times the population, all things being equal, you might expect Scotland’s homicide rate to have been 62 but it was only 53, 14.5% lower.

All things are clearly not equal across the UK when it comes to homicide. Imagine if we’d had a Labour Government all these years how they’d claim the credit.

8 thoughts on “Reporting Scotland Up: Homicide in Scotland is down again to lowest in UK and lowest since 1976

  1. Ah, but …. the unionists will claim, we are not comparing like with like. These are figures released by Police Scotland and it is not a rigorous body like the Metropolitan Police and as well as being incompetent (because it is Scottish and Scots are not genetically programmed to run things for themselves), things that should be classed as murder are no longer so classed because of the woke, gay, trans, drug taking clique of social workers and bleeding hearts that make the rules in this apology for a country. Everybody knows that Glasgow is the most homicidal city in the history of the world, with more murders in an hour than the rest of the world has in a year. I should know because I live in Glasgow and have been murdered 34 times.

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    1. I was just going to post something similar. Any time I have shared an article like this I have been bombarded with similar tweets. I’m really beginning to think it’s a waste of time arguing with this mindset.


  2. Not expecting anything, but out of curiosity, I’ve just checked BBC Scotland website and surprised to find there is now a report on this, added about 25 minutes ago. So you got there at least two or three hours before them!!

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  3. Terrible news for the British nationalist media, they don’t like good news about Scotland.
    ‘Imagine if we’d had a Labour government all these years how they’d claim the credit’. Had Labour UK in Scotland been in government in Scotland all these years, there would be no such reduction in homicides or crime in general. Labour UK in Scotland did nothing good for Scotalnd whatsoever in their ten years at the helm at Holyrood, not one single thing.

    This is what people need to realise and the SNP need to remind people about. Labour’s legacy in Scotland is a long list of neglect, mismanagement, and dancing to the tune of their masters in England, sending £BILLIONS back to Westminster, and plunging Scotland’s councils into £BILLIONS of debt with ethir PFI scam.
    Jack McConnell, Labour leader back then, is paid £300++ a day for doing nothing for the people of Scotland, but he did keep Scotland’s huge resources and revenues flowing south. I don’t know how people can shaft their own people like that. I lie, I do, it’s called selfishness and greed.

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