In England only 1 in 125 care much if Scotland leaves the Union. In Wales it’s SFA

From Redfield & Wilton today with a sample of 2 000 including 180 Scots, when asked ‘Which issues would most determine how you would vote in a General Election, if there were to be one tomorrow? You may select up to three’ , 60 of the Scots chose the 16th and last in the list, ‘Scottish Independence/The Union.‘ None of the Welsh sub-set of 100 were interested and only 16 in England chose it.

The big two for all groups were the Economy and Health with Education and Taxation next.

We don’t, of course know why these choices were made. The lack of interest, 2% or less, was everywhere, with only the SNP and Green 2019 voters caring (56% and 7%).


3 thoughts on “In England only 1 in 125 care much if Scotland leaves the Union. In Wales it’s SFA

  1. Oh just let little bankrupt
    Insignificant and delussional England wait till Scotland departs c/ w her
    Vast assets particularly the renewable mainly untapped natural resources
    Resulting in a massive increase in deficit between
    Their severely depleted fixed assets and their eyewatering liabilities
    Once Scottish assets removed from rUK balance sheet
    World markets will very soon come to realise England is truly and well bankrupt
    That has immediate serious consequences and will undoubtedly lead to emergency IMF bailout
    Which shall only be forthcoming with unpalatable decisions such as Sell EHNS, slash state pensions, end most benefits,scrap Trident ( if they do not then USA will terminate the lease of the missiles ) on and on shall such go
    England is at more peril than it was from the Spanish Armada and Hitler
    Wonder what they shall care for then ?
    They have been stupefied
    Into believing that Scotland
    Is the subsidy junkie all whilst the fact of the matter is quite the opposite

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  2. This is a reflection of polls going back at least a decade.
    People in England are just not interested to “ruling” Scotland.
    Ditto Tory party members.
    I doubt also if many English politicians really give a toss about us or have ever been to Scotland or know anything about us.

    They are like children with sweeties they don’t like but won’t give them away.

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