The truth about the Herald – Guardian public services comparisons

Today, the Herald’s Helen McCardle indulged in the kind of Scotland/England comparisons derided by most Unionist journalists, except for drug deaths, of course, because she thought she could reveal A&E in NHS Scotland to be no better than in NHS England.

She was wrong. See:

I’m reminded of the, unique-to-Scotland, politicised reporting of health and other public services.

See these:

The Herald, historically, has identified as centre-left, supportive of Labour leaders like Dewar, McGoogle and now Sarwar.

The Guardian seems a reasonable comparison. How do they platform stories like those above?

Notice anything missing? Yes, politicians blamed. Unionist propaganda laid bare.

3 thoughts on “The truth about the Herald – Guardian public services comparisons

  1. Perhaps with the rapid turnover of English Health Secretaries the newspapers have no photos to hand of the latest unknown Tory charged with privatising the English NHS .

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  2. The BritNat rags pretending to be Scottish must employ folks just to find and tweek photos of the SNP at Holyrood to attempt to portray them as somehow guilty of heinous crimes so that you wouldn’t trust them with your pet hamster.
    The desperation of the British state is manifesting in worrying ways, those tasked with the project should seek help.


  3. Anybody with even a smidgin of common sense never mind intelligence, would use it only for toilet emergencies. That is a very big indicator for “FEAR” and a sure sign of “Devoid of moral obligation and decency. Saxon cowards, no more no less.


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