NHS England’s ambulance service 41% more likely to be too late arriving

Photograph: Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images

From the Guardian today under the headline, Thousands at risk as A&E queues stop NHS paramedics attending 999 calls:

Paramedics in England cannot respond to 117,000 urgent 999 calls every month because they are stuck outside hospitals looking after patients, figures show. The amount of time ambulance crews had to wait outside A&E units meant they were unavailable to attend almost one in six incidents.


From BBC Scotland:

Latest figures from the service show that for the week to 25 April, one in 10 ambulances in Scotland waited over one hour and twenty minutes to drop patients at an emergency department.


A 1 hour 20 min wait, inevitably means the same as ‘unavailable to attend’.

1 in 6 is 17%. 1 in 10 is of course 10%. The difference of 7, as a percentage of 17 is 41%.

Not the same months being compared here but still a useful comparison.

One thought on “NHS England’s ambulance service 41% more likely to be too late arriving

  1. As far The English Ambulance service concerned it is a matter of the highest priority that in the event of Boris being once more the PM
    That contingency planning has ensured that a emergency ambulance immediately placed on standby and c/ w. a nurse along with a straight jacket and needle


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