Question Time, laughing at a woman’s miscarriage and detestable Tories

The above group appeared on Question Time in May 2019. only weeks later, No 3 Jane Lax, joked about Nicola Sturgeon’s miscarriage on Twitter, asked “Is that when she dropped a book?” in response to another Twitter user’s claim that the first minister’s miscarriage was “fictional”. Mrs Lax, who was treasurer of the Moray Conservative Association, then posted three laughing emojis.

Three days ago, QT returned to Scotland with a blatantly biased audience. In a country where around 50% support independence, Bruce managed to find eight unionists in a row to ask questions and only one in the audience nodded when she asked who supported independence.


13 thoughts on “Question Time, laughing at a woman’s miscarriage and detestable Tories

  1. I watch QT always but only forv2 reasons
    One of which is when broadcasting from Little England and all in order to
    Observe just how delusional views grow ever more grand as the awful reality of terminal decline
    Accelerates for the cliff edge of Union break up approaches and the end Of any relevance England has upon World affairs
    But more importantly with regards episodes with a Scottish audience and I always record such in order to replay several times at least, all so I can play back and confirm as to what was being conducted and monitor their nefarious ways and purposes
    The ABC ( BBC ) slew matters in what they believe to be in a ingenious
    Manner and all to convince
    The audience that Indy and its supporters are not representative of Scotland
    Over the years they have changed Modus Operandii
    As how they deploy such tactics, The changes mainly arise when it so bloody obvious that the show is clearly rigged such as the chair continually interrupting the Pro Indy panellists just as the most important point is about to be made, loading the audience with plants ( more than a botanical garden has ) etc.etc
    But Thursday,s Musselburgh show demonstrates quite clearly now not only that they have made a large tactical strategy change in the vain hope that we are too bloody stupid to spot it
    What was the strategy change
    Well no obvious key interruptions or obvious glaring audience transplants
    This time 2 new tactics deployed , one of which was totally to avoid any intelligent input from a Indy supporter in the audience but allowing detractors from Indy a far larger input time
    The 2nd most obvious was to decrease the allocated time for the Questions and time afforded for the crux of Indy issues, whilst greatly increasing the time
    For although relevant questions and contributions for what in fact represent matters of far less important matters
    On Thursday such was patently obvious with regards just one word uttered by NS last Sunday
    And the word was Detest
    For which strenuous efforts were deployed by Fiona Bruce in conducting affairs to ensure that any mud thrown would somehow stick
    Tommy Cooper could not possibly have made such a obvious hash of this conspired trickery
    The one good thing to come out of all this is that the Union is bereft of any more clever tricks and bereft of credible methods
    By which to mesmerise their viewers that truly they are viewing the true reality of Scottish opinion
    And the ordinary man in the Street
    We are now observing a once huge Empire collapse and convulsing riducously so as it Falls
    OMG indeed the Emperor hath no clothes

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  2. I watched the clip with Bruce saying she knew there were a large number of indy supporters in the audience, but was baffled when she then asked them to identify themselves by shaking their heads, then corrected that to nodding, instead of the time honoured show of hands.
    Although much was made of there being only one in camera shot nodding, I wondered if many more were simply confused by Bruce’s bizarre request, and whether that was deliberate.

    Aside accusations of “fix” arising from the more blatant Jane Lax and Orange Jaiket Man etc incidents, I suspect audience distortions are also victims of the BBC’s approach to “balance” – BBC Scotland regularly have 4 political parties represented, which inevitably descends to 3 against 1.
    In QT’s case the intent is an audience representative of the general electorate rather than the local, so the same distortion arises with a heavy Unionist bias.

    I’d guess for any question asked a map will flash up on Bruce’s screen showing precisely where specific views are in the audience, so she’s not exactly flying blind, however there is a twist to this.

    Activists will know damned well what answers are sought in pre-selection, all you need do is lie that they support Indy to join the audience, the truth only appears when the show is recorded.
    I’m not denying bias is present, merely making the point there are multiple distortions in the process.

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  3. What concerns me is the passive way that the obviously biased panel and audience are just accepted by most of the SNP figures who appear on the show. They should be fighting back against this bias and highlighting it at the time, on camera.


    1. ThePaleAle

      Ok.but in practice then probably never ever again invited
      ABC ( BBC ) are The State propaganda broadcasting
      There no doubt whatsoever behind that statement


      1. But then do they really need to be invited? The show is so loaded in favour of the Union that the absence of any independence support would not make much difference. If they were left with no one to oppose them the bias may become even more obvious. ;o)


        1. Not at all, if no Indy viewpoint then it can only operate as a Union propaganda mouthpiece
          Fully ripping the Emperors
          Colthe,s from
          their back
          Then replace it with the Muppet Show


        2. When it was in Kilmarnock you applied to join audience got my ticket enjoyed experience mainly local people with no plants but David controlled audience very effectively


  4. Trying to play Devil’s Advocate here in that I suppose for many of the reasons already expressed it won’t be an easy task to select an entire audience with the political balance required and at the same time getting four representatives from one Party should not be unexpected out of an audience of say 100+ . I did however make comment about John Swinney’s lacklustre appearance recently but my point is I came across that episode by chance as like many voices I simply refuse to give QT it any credence by watching it. So on that charge I plead guilty but I’m wondering if I and more of us should now start watching QT and then vent our anger at the BBC bwo of a complaint. Clearly they seem oblivious to any criticism of this programme so as I see it then and only then will the BBC take notice and hopefully then recognise we are alert to their obvious ploy.


    1. Gerry
      The one and only true matter that concerns England and by association
      The BBC is MONEY
      read the history of England
      The one sure fire way to force them to change and engage in a civilised manner, is to target the monies they extract from you or their own assets
      Which by the way have been gotten in most by devious methods of Misappropiation
      If all us did so then revenues would drop by approx £ 180 million for the BBC if all Scots refused to pay licence fee
      Ouch !
      I do NOT pay and never shall
      I would rather rot in hell first
      Is when you firmly let them know that it is their money
      And money alone that you are going to set about diminishing as fast and furiously as you can
      And will never cease to do so till they put their grubby
      Ill gotten thieving plundering paws in the air

      Make no mistake in comprehending this
      The more of us Scots who do so then the quicker they
      Will start to adapt their Modus Operandii with regards Scotland


      1. Don’t want to be seen to advocate breaking the law but point noted nonetheless although not sure if simply withholding your licence fee would be enough to persuade the BBC Scot to change their political agenda which is clear for all to see. I did think of that before but my wife (like I’m sure many others) would kill me if she did not get to see ‘Strictly’ etc so I doubt you would get enough followers (at least married ones) to make a difference. However as I suggested if more people could be encouraged to watch QT (in Scotland) and then flood the BBC with complaints they might come to realise the game is up.


        1. Gerry
          No one advocating the Law breaking
          Call it withholding payment on the grounds that QT is deliberately Lying to us and when the lying stops the payment starts
          None would pay in reality to knowingly be lied to
          Ah but one take conisgance of your spouse
          To which only 2 rules apply
          Rule 1. She is ALWAYS

          Rule 2. Should doubt arise then please refer to Rule 1.


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