Covid infection rate in Scotland lowest in UK

For two weeks now, data from the UK Government coronavirus dashboard have had the infection rate in Scotland below that in England but higher than that in Wales and Northern Ireland.

For that time, BBC Scotland, the Herald and the Scotsman have preferred the ONS estimates keeping the infection level still higher in Scotland.

Now the ONS too put the infection rate in Scotland at the lowest in the UK after a surge in the other three nations.

Where is the media coverage?

See it? Bottom right?

Highest in England? See it?

Nope. Not in the public interest clearly.

In Northern Ireland, when the level peaked in August 2021, at the highest in the UK?


When Covid cases increase in Scotland?


7 thoughts on “Covid infection rate in Scotland lowest in UK

  1. I’m still apprehensive, despite myself and my wife having had all our jags. We still wear masks in all indoor public areas. Of course, we are in our 80s, and have underlying health conditions. Good to hear the infection rate falling.

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  2. What I have difficulty with over stats like this is how it is HEADLINE news for weeks when Scotland’s statistics are worse but I have yet to see anything in the mainstream about these latest statistics other than from people who say England does many more tests. This I find hard to believe since Boris Johnson practically declared the pandemic over.

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