7th sub-poll has Scottish Labour stuck and SNP at 63%

In a dramatic poll by People Polling for GB News, with 1 158 respondents on 12 October, it was 42% for Labour and only 13% for the Cons across the UK.

The sub-poll of 105 Scots over 18, is the 7th now suggesting no surge for Scottish Labour, with the SNP at 48%, Labour at 19% and the Cons at 12%.

Interestingly when you take out the don’t and prefer not to says, the Labour and Con support stays exactly the same but the SNP figure goes up to 63%

Source: https://peoplepolling.org/tables/202210_GBN_W41_full.pdf#subsection*.12

Sub-polls have small samples, between 1 and 200, which on their own are not reliable but that’s 7 now with more than 1 000 Scots, saying the same thing about Labour and the SNP.


7 thoughts on “7th sub-poll has Scottish Labour stuck and SNP at 63%

  1. Good to hear that although not sure why if it is simply down to good governance rather than dismal opposition parties. Have been a SNP member for many years now but I am becoming disenchanted.
    I don’t doubt the Scot Gov’s commitment to make Scotland a better place but as you John have alluded to on many occasions presentation and context are important to get the message across. and yesterday’s BBC’s QTime (for what I could stomach) was sadly very typical. I have high regard for John Swinney but in that type of arena he performs poorly IMHO. Indeed in recent times I have yet to see any SNP MSP or Minister for that matter put in a robust performance. Last night nothing I saw refuted much of the garbage that spewed from other panel members and on occasion from the gallery itself. Little or no context used to show how Scotland is performing against rUK instead all we got was the usual cliches with little or no compassion.
    Given the programme’s apparent ‘popularity’ it was an ideal opportunity to change mindsets but on this evidence I very much doubt any ‘undecided’ viewer would have been encouraged by the thought of Independence.
    Of the suitable candidates I have picked out a few of my favourites…. Gillian Martin, Michelle Thomson, Kate Forbes (when she returns) and a couple of others all speak with passion and commitment that seems lacking in the majority. Sorry to say the Green Party is calling me.

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      1. This is the time to put the right words forward for Scotland and be honourable to rise above the bully. This programme is set up to get us all riled to lose our temper. Its over obvious. I’m past that and I think most are. We are ready for Scotland to take the reigns an move forward independently. It’s the bullies who aren’t ready. Shouting wont get them what they want and their continuous attacks will work to our favour.

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    1. Your spot on about John Swinney. He might be decent chap but he is extremely limited in explaining in straightforward terms the answer. Apart from rhe SNPmembers mentioned I would like to see much more use of Philippa Whitford. She knows her facts and an excellent speaker who leaves the viewers in no doubt what the correct position is. Her Medical knowledge on statistics in particular leaves the opposition floundering.


  2. Och behave yourself.
    – Any HeebyGB”News” poll on anything would be as “not reliable” as a Twitter poll on whether Dan Wooten was a drag queen or Farage is an arse (perhaps stretching the point) with his own teeth, let alone a sub-polls (Bowie’s periscope again) on SNP support in Scotland…

    What is quite obvious however is shrinking sphincters in Unionism and it’s attendant neoliberalism as the “Truss in Me” circus crashes – The sheer lack of published polling tells you that in spades (and you can bet HMG have commissioned them) and they are terrified by the results.
    I’m of the honest opinion SNP numbers may not climb dramatically even up to the the day of Scotland’s decision, but both Labour and Tory numbers will simultaneously collapse – Folks have frankly had enough of this UK circus act, and with at least half of England cheering us on in support to break the this fiasco of democracy.


  3. I agree whole heartedly but like it or not this programme attracts a large audience and it should represent a perfect opportunity to sing our praises (with contextual. evidence based arguments) and sadly the SNP have fallen short IMHO. Apart from a few who I have already singled out there seems a lack of passion in the Party these days. I cannot put my finger on why that is whether it is simple complacency, arrogance or a feeling that in Government they are content to let other Parties implode.
    Against that background and with the recent Mori poll (if accurate ) putting support for Indy at just 32% which given the recent turmoil of the Tory Party and lacklustre Labour opposition I find very worrying.
    If we have any hope of convincing others that Independence is the ONLY route to a better future we really need to do much much better.


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