Four nations Covid 19 mortality gap widens dramatically

The Covid 19 mortality rate in Scotland is currently 226.8 deaths per 100K, compared to 298.4 per 100K, 24% lower, than in England.

What explains this gap – a better vaccine rollout, better staffed, less infected hospitals, better and more consistent government messaging leading to higher compliance? It’s a doubly remarkable achievement when you consider Scotland’s generally worse health outcomes.

At the beginning of April, the gap was narrower, between 255.4 deaths per 100K in England and 210.6 deaths per 100K in Scotland, a gap of 17.5%.

Why has the gap widened? I’m not too sure but abandonment of face masks in medical settings, wrong government messaging, faltering booster take-up?

The gap between Scotland and Wales is also widening while that with Northern Ireland is unchanging.

Why is the mortality rate in Northern Ireland consistently the lowest in the UK? Again, I’m unsure but having a neighbour in Ireland with an even lower rate unlike Scotland subject to mass tourism surges across its land border? The Irish Sea?

Over to you.


2 thoughts on “Four nations Covid 19 mortality gap widens dramatically

  1. Simples
    SNHS compared to EHND
    is better staffed, local health boards run centrally in vital areas such as procurement and staff treated with far mor empathy and compassion by SG. under the most difficult of circumstances
    As for England ” oh dear me and Lord help us “

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  2. Kudos to the SG and the Scottish NHS for their continuing grown-up approach to the continuing Covid crisis , unlike the English Government approach which appears to mirror George Bush’s mistaken and premature Iraq War claim of ”Mission Accomplished ”.

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