Are only Scottish health secretaries responsible for anything?

Today the Labour First minister of Wales attacks a health board.

The state of Wales’ flagship hospital is “absolutely unacceptable”, the first minister has said.

An unannounced inspection of emergency and assessment units at Cardiff’s University Hospital of Wales (UHW) found dirty sinks, low morale, and people sitting on bins.

Mark Drakeford said the pressure on the NHS does “not excuse” the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board.

The board says it has fully accepted the report’s findings.

Nowhere does he take any responsibility not does the anyone say he should.

Is that normal? You know that kind of ‘normal’ we get fed in Scotland? Like this:

Sometimes, the FM gets accused too:

Not in Wales though.


4 thoughts on “Are only Scottish health secretaries responsible for anything?

  1. Nor does the Health Secretary in England get called out when a nurse is currently on trial for allegedly murdering 7 babies and the attempted murder of many others .
    Imagine if this happened in Scotland – the peasants ( Labour/Tory ) would be in the street of the Health Secretary with their fiery torches and pitchforks with a BBCScotchland camera crew demanding his resignation , with Lisa Summers giving her unbiased assessment of the many failings of the SG and reminding viewers that , in Scotland only , The Buck Stops with the Scottish Government , regardless of the evidence .

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  2. Get used to it.
    The BBC and other Britnat media, alongside the Britnat politicos regard Scotland as a colony*, not an equal.

    * When a country is under the political control of another country, and its resources are exploited for the benefit of the dominant country.

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    1. “Are only Scottish health secretaries responsible for anything?”
      It’s not only Scottish health secretaries who are responsible for anything – unlike their counterparts elsewhere in the UK, all Scottish secretaries are held responsible for everything, everything, everywhere, every minute of the day.

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  3. and even worse, this seems to be how they shape the myth that Scotland’s government is screwing up everything they touch, in particular education and health. I noticed on an earlier post that John was calling out lazy journalism which is indeed a big part of the myth problem

    Could we do our own comparison chart for some of the points? I have difficulty understanding/researching anything presented in numerical form so not much use I’m afraid but maybe someone here could give it a go. I know there is a heck of a lot of info to wade through though but even a simplified, very basic 4 nation comparison chart might be useful – we could send it out to every politician, journalist and presenter guilty of trotting out misinformation


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