In Scotland, Labour support surge would barely wet your ankles

There is a Labour surge in England, with their lead over the Cons averaging at 27% in the last 5 Westminster polls, in October 2022. This compares with an average of around only 10% in mid-September and some polls as low as only 1 or 2% in that same month.

In the same period, Scottish Labour have climbed to average 27% with only one at a newsworthy 30% but in the only recent Holyrood polls before that, from June to August 2022, they had been averaging 23%. So, a 4% climb rather than a surge?

Where has that climb come from? Well the Survation poll has the SNP down 3% at 45% but the other two have the SNP share up 1 or 2%, regardless of any Labour increase. So, only one out of three backs up the Scottish Labour claim that they will take votes from the SNP and the Cons.

Comparing the Labour surge at Westminster with the Labour increases suggested in the small sub-polls, you have SNP averaging 46%, Labour at 28% and the Cons, going down the tube, at 10%. Only the Survation poll says otherwise.


3 thoughts on “In Scotland, Labour support surge would barely wet your ankles

  1. Good to see that. Labour party in Scotland, HQ’d in London have totally let down Scotland in the past with their PFI scam meaning £billions of debt in Scotland, and sending £billions back to WM, as well as of course doing absolutely nothing whatsoever good for Scotland in their ten year tenure at Holyrood, oh and they annexed part of the North Sea which belongs to Scotland.

    Of course the media (aka Brit state) are going to do a job on the SNP prior to a general election as usual. Hopefully the SNP have their strategy blueprint at the ready to counter the lies and propaganda assault the people of Scotland. I’d start with Labours’ disgraceful neglect to go anywhere near improving the lives of the people of Scotland. Labour’s disgraceful legacy in Scotland over decades, and in the years they were in power at Holyrood should be on leaflets and billboards for all to see. It’s all very nice to say what the SNP and Scottish Greens have acheived, but people also need reminding of the past, it’s easy to forget especially when Labour come out with ‘Great British Energy’, and such mythological promises. What a CON.

    Starmer is a wet blanket but it’s all England has if they want to get rid of the Tories for a few years, not that it will make any difference to the utter carnage of Brexit that England voted for, and that impacts Scotland of course as we all know.

    Independence it is then, or Scotland continues to get what England votes for, and no matter which colour of rosette the winning party wears, it’s still a disaster for Scotland.

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  2. It is likely that the gain for Labour in Scotland has come from Tories. Historically, in Scotland, a fair slice of Labour voters has been, socially, fairly conservative, supporting the monarchy and identifying as British. Also, historically, a proportion of Tory voters in Scotland, particularly working class Tories, has had a sincere social conscience, but rejected Labour because they saw it as atheistic, dominated by trade unions and believed welfare policies promoted laziness. So, moving between one party and the other did not require a great shift of mindset and was often prompted by instances of individual corruption or specific issues such as support for gay rights or immigration.

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  3. We had Spud Murphy, a right-wing huckster.
    We have Union Jock Murray, a right-wing huckster.
    Hi Jack and Fluffy Mundell with their three-cornered plumed cockade hats and sour plumes in their mooths.

    Down in London Shir Keir Shtarmer asserts the next election will be between the Red Tories and the Blue Tories. He is correct, but only for England.

    In Scotland the election will be about our colonial status, and whether we allow Truss, or Starmer to keep Scotland subordinate to England’s politics while they steal our resources.


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