More ‘brain drain’ nonsense from the Herald

Of Police Scotland’s 18 member Executive Team, 10 are Scottish-born and the others drained into Scotland from these previous areas:

Lincolnshire, Belfast, Surrey, Thames Valley , Gazprom Energy(!), Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland, West Midlands.

What does the Herald have?

One of a group in which eight drained to Scotland from elsewhere, is going the other way. One retiring from a group typically older than average to have got those senior posts is to be expected. There are 23 000 officers working for Police Scotland. Might some of them have talent? Contrary to the usual Herald numeracy, there are 16 not 11 remaining.

9 thoughts on “More ‘brain drain’ nonsense from the Herald

  1. I think the brain drain is in the Scottish media. Its time that they started reporting the truth ,the consequences of colonial rule would be a good start ,exportation of our natural resources , the deliberate undevelopment of Scotland to make us dependent on our parictical neighbour’s infrastructure such as Ports. The list is endless and how about the infultration of establishment stougges in government on both sides of the border. For us the people to get the truth we need to take back control of the media, even the internet is slowly being choked ot death by the establishment who only wish you to hear only their narrative.

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  2. So some are retiring as people do, some are leaving to be closer to their families in England or NI or something like that. I’m sure Scotland can find a few folk among the thousands in police jobs, who can replace the ‘brains drains’, if required. Or, might it save some money to reduce the ‘executive team’. Seems like a win win by the look of it. What’s the Herod worried about, are they implying that there are no people with talent, intelligence or qualifications to take up jobs when the big ‘brain drain’ starts.
    Mass exodus out of Scotland next? A few story tellers at the Herod might find better paid work in England, fabricators, not journalists, bye!

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  3. Apart from this obviously biased ‘story’ intended to put down the SNP Government , is it news to The Herald that Scotland has been losing people ?
    We have a 300 year old history of losing people to England and much further afield .
    Scotland is one of the very few countries to have little or no population growth over the last century . This is definitely NOT a Union benefit .
    Will The Herald highlight the reasons for this ”drain” . Thought not !

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  4. My second grandson is due to pass out of Tulliallan Police College later this month, at the end of his basic training. Give him a couple of weeks on the beat and he will know it all and be ready for high command. Nothing to worry about.

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    1. There will be plenty of people within Police Scotland who have been there in management jobs and more responsible jobs than lowly police officers 😉 for a good few years, not all are just out of college, are they? One of the exiting executives was from Gazprom energy. Brain drain?


  5. Interesting that Jamie Greene was involved in the article for “1919 magazine” and the Herald avoided mention of it – Aside funding from SPF the outfit looks suspiciously like a Tory front.

    Identical copy was sent to the Scotsman, Herald, STV News and doubtless others it would appear by Jamie himself.
    Jamie’s involvement is obvious from the clear bias, but the dead giveaway was you pointed out the arithmetic error.
    Jamie can’t count beyond 10 without removing socks….

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  6. All part of the Anglo propaganda that without England,Scotland is nothing.
    The only brain drain is the one consumers of their message are going down .

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