Thanks to Scottish Government investment, Port Glasgow has head-start on LNG ferries


To repeat and summarise the comments from reader Tom Hodgens in June 2022, as the Scottish media feast daily on ferry meat:

The expertise developed in building the delayed gas-powered ferries will pay off handsomely in the years to come as LNG-powered ships will account for 60% of new orders by 2025:


Scotland is leading the way, and the Scottish Government’s investment in Ferguson Marine, has also given the Port Glasgow based shipyard a head-start in the construction of LNG ships in the UK

Full piece by Tom:


10 thoughts on “Thanks to Scottish Government investment, Port Glasgow has head-start on LNG ferries

  1. the £ is sinking and the IMF have attacked the Gov in England, the SNP, Labours have called for a parliament recall,

    The BBC, oh look a squirrel/ferry boat.

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  2. Anent South Korean shipbuilding: this really only got underway in the 1970s, when the South Korean Government financed the building of an entirely modern yard in what was then a small fishing village called Hyundai. Since they were venturing on something entirely new, with a local workforce that was largely unskilled in modern shipbuilding techniques, they bought such expertise in.

    They bought the entire design portfolio of Upper Clyde Shipbuilders, which had had the plug pulled on it by the Heath Government c1973. One of the reasons given, for the UK decision was that the Clyde yards were out of date and nobody wanted the kinds of ships they were designing. Well, someone did – the Government of South Korea.

    And since local skills in shipbuilding were scarce, they recruited tradesmen from UCS who had been made redundant – because their skills were “out of date” and their work practices “were lazy.” These tradesmen moved to Hyundai and trained the local workforce.

    Apart from the two BAe systems yards, which mainly build warships, there is no shipbuilding on the Upper Clyde. There is still some on the Lower Clyde and BBC Scotland and the Scottish media are doing their worst regarding them.

    I found out about the Hyundai story by chance about 10 years ago, when my wife and I spent a week in Paris in a flat just down the street from the Pompidou Centre. When we visited the Centre – just to see the main displays – we came across the Hyundai exhibition in a small suite away from the main displays. It was actually sponsored by the Government of South Korea and was primarily intended to showcase South Korean expertise. The Clyde connection was the first part of a historical view of South Korea’s shipbuilding development. It was really only of interest to two ageing Keelies who had dropped in on spec.

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    1. Fascinating detail about South Korean shipbuilding and the Clyde – thanks! And academic researchers are still discussing this link!

      Tenald et al (2021) International Transfer of Tacit Knowledge: The Transmission of Shipbuilding Skills from Scotland to South Korea in the Early 1970s. Enterprise & Society , Vol. 22.2.

      ‘This article analyzes the transfer of tacit knowledge between countries and continents, based on a case from the shipbuilding industry. The South Korean shipbuilder Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) was established in the early 1970s and had by the late 1980s become the world’s leading shipbuilder.

      ‘Aided by foreign loan capital, HHI acquired technology through foreign licenses and imported equipment. However, shipbuilding is about more than hardware. This article presents and analyzes another important means of knowledge transfer: the acquisition of tacit knowledge in the form of shipbuilding skills, including shipyard processes and operations.

      ‘This transfer was mainly accomplished through the “import” of foreign managers and the dispatch abroad of South Korean employees. One important element, which we investigate in detail, was the Korean personnel that HHI sent in 1972 to the Scott Lithgow shipyards in Scotland to observe and learn. Based on archival sources and interviews, we detail the manner in which tacit knowledge could be transferred across language and cultural barriers.’

      And also this detail from an earlier draft paper in entitled ‘The basis for South Korea’s ascent in the shipbuilding industry, 1970-90’ by
      Bruno & Tenold of the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration


      ‘Government support with orders was also vital. The government support was important in winning its first order from Livanos in 1971 as it provided Hyundai with large financial guarantees. The order was for two very large crude carriers (VLCCs) of 259,000 dead weight tons (dwt) each. Livanos purchased the ships for a price 16 per cent below the world market price and DEMANDED THEY WOULD BE EXACT REPLICA OF A SHIP THAT HAD BEEN BUILT AT THE SCOTT LITHGOW SHIPYARD IN SCOTLAND.’ (my emphasis)

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  3. No, no. BBC Hootsmon found a fabricator (who is obviously an expert ship designer and builder as well), who asserted that the yard could not build two ferries side by side.

    Perhaps he would have been happy (like Labour and the Tories) if the yard had just shut.

    “Build them in Poland or Vietnam–anywhere but on the Clyde”.

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  4. Good News story – will not feature on BBC Reporting Scotland Down unless it can be shown to have had an indirect effect on pigeon droppings in a Glasgow hospital , increased cancer waiting times , lowered School standards , Baby Box fire risk , Sturgeon increasing tax on struggling millionaires , world shortage of Shortbread in SNP-run Scotland …..

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  5. +++++++Breaking News++++++++

    Shir Keir Shtarmmer is calling for the recall of parliament, days after the SNP made the call…………!

    Typical labour.
    Days late and a dollar short.

    Wonder when Flip-Flop relay team leader, DRossie O’Murphy, will say the same, along with…
    “I never supported that woman”!

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    1. Starmer, hates the SNP with a vengeance, but follows their stance on matters and gets the attention for it. Will he really oppose the class war of the Tories even if parliament is recalled which is highky unlikely, re opposition and recall. The Tories are all off on a jolly, they are quids in and can afford to stick two fingers up at the sheeple because there is no opposition in England. Brilliant.

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  6. Spend £Millions to save £Billions.The moniesthat will be saved far outweighs any money spent. Scottish technology at it’s best. The savings worldwide will be enormous.

    Investment in CCS could bring £Billions. The Westminster Govreneged onon promises.


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