So wrong, most in Scotland are still better off

Brian Donnelly in the Herald today

Those earning £10 000 or less will still pay 0 tax. Those on £14 732, will still pay only £411 per year in tax. Those on £15 000 will pay, £2 more. Those on £20 000 will pay £52 per year and those on £25 000 will pay £118 more. Those on £1 million per year will pay £54 000 more than they would in England.

But, all of us will live in better place where child poverty and rough sleeping is at half the level of England. All of our children can attend higher education free of charge. All of our elderly and young will have free prescriptions and bus travel. All of us will have access to the best NHS in the UK. All of us will know that our disabled will be treated with respect in claiming benefits. All of us will experience far lower rates of crime and far lower danger on the roads. All of us will know those who can afford it are paying more for the services we and they benefit from.


8 thoughts on “So wrong, most in Scotland are still better off

  1. How confusing eh. If they are saying you are worse off in Scotland than the rest of the UK, (what even NE England, pull the other one), why would anyone want to stay shackled to the country next door with an English government who are picking your pockets, kicking you in the shins and running away saying a bad boy called EU did it

    Worst off in the UK, hmm, that has got to light a few bulbs in some undecideds in Scotland surely.

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  2. To quote Steven Marwick on Twitter:
    The Tories who are saying that Scots will be paying more than the rest of the UK in tax aren’t telling you some very important things.
    ✅ Council Tax is way lower in Scotland. Band D pay £590 less than in England.
    ✅ Water charges in Scotland are lower than in England.

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  3. Since the Scottish government is not allowed to borrow will it now receive a share of the money the UK government is be borrowing to fund its tax cuts in England, and will the interest payments for all of the UK government’s new borrowing show up in GERS?

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  4. Scotlandstill has topay for Westminster poor,bad decisionsand policies.Scotland funds being wasted. Tax evasion rife.UK one of the most unequal places in the world. A Tory government Scotland for whom Scotland never votes. Independence will make Scotland much better off. Devolution is stopping the Tories worse. One more year+ of this miserable Tory Westminster Gov. An absolute disgrace.


  5. Slightly OT, but I greatly suspect the current hoohah over tax is yet another deflection campaign by the Tories with an energy crisis to navigate between now and April.
    Perhaps Brian Donnelly’s headline should have read “…you are STILL worse off in Scotland than the rest of the UK DUE TO ENERGY PRICING DIFFERENTIALS SET BY LONDON 30 YEARS AGO AND TORY DOGMA OVER ENERGY POLICY”

    That the differentials persist 30 years later in a UK which generation and consumption map has changed out of all recognition, should be screaming headlines in Scotland’s media, yet silence prevails bar the occasional feature.

    When the rates for gas and electricity rose dramatically here almost a year ago, the government in an EU-wide initiative intervened to lessen the pain to consumers, with staged reductions over winter.
    In the UK Sunak offered a loan.

    From most recent bills (when the gas prices almost doubled from summer, electricity hasn’t yet) I see interventions stands currently at ca 38% off electricity and ca 35% off gas.
    And NOT A SINGLE STANDING CHARGE, it is all based on kWh.

    Your Scot on 25k a year is losing a helluva lot more than 118 quid before next April, and it has sod al to do with SG taxation policy.


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