Douglas Ross overheard talking to Mothership:

(c) The National

By gavinochiltree

DRossie to Mothership.

“Mothership, we have a problem”.

Sigh. “What is it this time DRossie? Dont you know how busy we are in London, giving bungs to the rich”?

“Mothership, all my aides are leaving because……well, because of Trussie being elevated to the Big Chair”.

“This is just nonsense, DRossie. Hire someone with experience to help you out”.

DRossie to Mothership.

“Mothership, I did what you said, and hired someone really, really good. A Super-spad who worked with Spud Murphy………..but he LIED, Mummy. He told me porkies and he isn’t even Boris. I had to get rid of him and everyone is laughing at me”!

“DRossie. Listen to me and listen with ALL your little brain.
You NEED a person who lies.
A person who can tell porkies with a straight face.
Someone who will lie for Old Blighty.
For Trussie.
For England.
Now this is your LAST chance DRossie. Remember what happened to Jackdaw Carlot—this is only a sniff of what YOUR fate will be, if you contact London again”!


4 thoughts on “Douglas Ross overheard talking to Mothership:

  1. 17,000 new homes proposed for Aberdeenshire, where’s the demand for this coming from, Leicester?
    Speaking after Full Council, Council Leader Mark Findlater said: “This Plan and its strategies will provide the critical certainty for both our communities, developers and investors alike over the next five years and will secure the delivery of around 17,000 houses, allocate land for net-zero and low-carbon production, provide considerable employment opportunities and help generate around £6 billion in local economic activity”.

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  2. Aberdeenshire do not build the schools. The schoolscare overcrowded around the new house building. The council has known for over five years.

    Ross can’t find anyone for the poison chalice. The bottom of the barrel.

    The Tories on the way out, The disgraceful budget another nailin the coffin.


  3. The saddest aspect of all is that “georgie,” the son who revealed Dross’s lie and which the BBC in Scotland willingly parroted and promoted, had to relive the experience of his mum dying 7 weeks ago, all so the Tories and HMS James Cook could engage in political propaganda. There has been
    – No statement from Dross apologising for abuse of his mum’s memory.
    – No retraction of the BBC article headlined on a lie, no edit or update to the original article, nor any apology for distress caused.

    This only serves to demonstrate how toxic modern politics has become under the Tories.

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