Covid cases plummet in Scotland as they surge in England and Wales


BBC Scotland regularly reports when Scotland has the highest Covid 19 infection rate in the UK.

On 8 July, we read: Scotland still has highest Covid rate in the UK and last week they were careful to remind us The number of Covid-19 infections in Scotland rose last week.

They’re saying nothing this week as cases fell sharply in Scotland by 18% and by 606 to 2 841.

In England, they climbed by 13% to 28 167 making the rate pretty much the same as in Scotland and so not newsworthy for the agenda.

The rate in Wales climbed 4% and in Northern Ireland fell 12%.


4 thoughts on “Covid cases plummet in Scotland as they surge in England and Wales

  1. Be careful. The Universities are starting back which may increase case numbers because of imported Covid+ cases as happened in Autumn 2020.

    The virus is not done with us yet.


  2. Last ons survey:

    1.41% in England (1 in 70 people)

    1.31% in Wales (1 in 75 people)

    1.25% in Northern Ireland (1 in 80 people)

    1.88% in Scotland (1 in 55 people)

    More plummeting required.


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