Were HMS James Cook half as interested

Bob Lamont

I was actually quite surprised to see an article on the BBC Scotland web-page this morning at about 15 hours old entitled “Rent freeze plan to tackle cost-of-living crisis in Scotland” but soon realised it was only HMS James Cook/Elizabeth House going on the SNP/SG attack yet again with Comments open, now closed after 2,243 of their dial-a-riot frothing contributions from the “Nicola ate my hamster” brigade, presumably an ongoing contractual arrangement.
The equally usual “Analysis by Glenn Campbell”, totally ignores the energy crisis created by the Tories in preference to ” “hard choices” lie ahead and the Scottish government won’t be able to do everything it would like”. Oh how Glenn must have chortled, getting paid handsomely for stating the bleeding obvious.

Thought to archive it on return from the city, but couldn’t see it, so went hunting, demoted to page 2, https://archive.ph/AXIZ2, comments included.

It becomes all the more obvious why, when you see HMS James Cook’s latest gambit, “Rent freeze plan is headline-grabbing ploy, says letting boss” https://archive.ph/ZNAwR
– Now just think how moronic James Cook/Elizabeth House must be to play this propaganda game with people who are really struggling and terrified over what winter brings, yet encourage concerns for the middleman who gets a percentage for their misery.

Brian Gilmour of “Indigo Square Property Ltd., proudly announces on his Linkedin page – “Experienced Managing Director with over 25 years experience in property and finance. You might hear me every fortnight on the BBC Radio Scotland Kaye Adams programme”
And yet the BBC in Scotland featured this in preference to praise for the SG initiative by the Mayor of London.

Were HMS James Cook half as interested in the lot of Scots as it is at slagging off SG we might actually have a broadcaster who could PROVE impartiality…


3 thoughts on “Were HMS James Cook half as interested

  1. Thanks, Bob, for raising this issue and in terms of the BBC website. This is something that I have noticed for some time that some articles appear as being much older than when they first are published on the BBC site. As I don’t trust the BBC (or SKY for that matter) I get a lot of my news on the UK from RTE, Sydney Morning Herald and the New York Times and I have noticed that on occasions important news items – particularly with regard to NI and EU-UK relations appear on those sites well before than they do on the BBC website. When a related article does appear on the BBC website, it often appears as if it is four or six hours old and is ‘lower’ on the page. The other issue is the changing of a headline. Occasionally a very anti SNP or at one time anti-Corbyn headline would be used then changed to a less emotional one as the article ‘slipped down the charts’ to archive. Thanks again for the article.


  2. O/T The latest statistics on NHS England’s A&E waiting time performance (for August 2022) have just been published.

    See https://www.england.nhs.uk/statistics/statistical-work-areas/ae-waiting-times-and-activity/ae-attendances-and-emergency-admissions-2022-23/

    We learn that 58.0% of patients were seen within 4 hours in type 1 A&E departments compared to 57.0% in July 2022, 66.2% in August 2021 and 78.3% in August 2019. So a slight improvement on the previous month! In Scotland this would have merited a ‘nearly the worst’ or ‘second worst’, scandalised statements from the corporate media, BBC Scotland and opposition politicians. Expect nothing comparable in England – hardly a ripple!

    Using the figures above together those published for NHS Scotland’s equivalent A&E departments we can offer some perspective. Based on performance against the 4 hour waiting time target:

    In August 2022:
    NHS England achieved 58% (reports monthly)
    NHS Scotland achieved between 65% to 67.6% (reports weekly)

    Using a median performance of 66.3%, NHS Scotland achieved 8.3% percentage points higher i.e. a 14.3% better performance

    July 2022:
    NHS England achieved 57%
    NHS Scotland achieved between 64.8% to 67.8%

    Using a median performance of 66.3%, NHS Scotland achieved 9.3% percentage points higher i.e. a 16.3% better performance.

    August 2021:
    NHS England achieved 66.2%
    NHS Scotland achieved between 74.3% to 78.7%

    Using a median performance of 76.5%, NHS Scotland achieved 10.3% percentage points higher i.e. a 15.5% better performance.

    August 2019:
    NHS England achieved 78.3%
    NHS Scotland achieved between 88% and 89%

    Using a median performance of 88.5%, NHS Scotland achieved 10.2% percentage points higher i.e. a 13.0% better performance.

    Is this BBC Scotland’s best kept secret?

    Substantial and consistently better A&E performance by the health service in Scotland whose overall resourcing is to a large extent set by the government in Westminster, the same government that always holds ALL the powers to determine the level of resources allocated to NHS England.

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  3. With regards HMS James Cook
    Just like the far majority
    Of HMS capital warships
    Which are mostly unfit for
    Purpose and the most modern currently crippled
    That the title for James Cook, indeed is most apt.
    China has recently conducted a thoughtful study and review of the RN
    The UK Navy is not fit for purpose and the ability to design and build warships
    That fit the modern high tech required and all due to woefully inadequate infrastructure and particularly the training resources and actual key highly skilled workforce required to do so
    We only see further rapid decline due to current governance and economic
    And as for the USA the same conclusions were arrived at but notated that the USA still retains certain capabilities but Sloth like behaviour in developing abilities
    They also concluded that both UK and USA cannot
    Meet their agreements to
    Australia for nuclear Subs
    Unless they seriously compromise their own Nuclear submarine building with regards Trident and Virginia class
    Renewal programs

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