BBC Scotland’s selective bias on contact training: ‘No member of the public had received incorrect public health advice’

By Bob Lamont

You need to scroll all the way to the bottom of the article to read this –

Neither NSS’s internal investigation nor the investigation conducted by INWO found examples of members of the public who had received incorrect public health advice.

She added that at the time of the 2021 complaint:

The national call centre was aware of the need to further develop the training at this time to meet the changing needs of the service and had a plan in place to do so.

THAT should be the context, but that’s NOT how Andrew Picken framed it. His context is “concerns in June 2021.”

Preceding that there is this crucial admission “The investigation relates to the period prior to June, 2021 when concerns were first raised with NSS.”. NSS had not only sample checked throughout and initiated change on foot of concerns raised, but it is THIS which enabled INWO to confirm ONE complaint was valid.


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