Cancelled operations across NHS Ayrshire & Arran BELOW average, new figures show

According to the Daily Record today:

The number of cancelled operations across NHS Ayrshire & Arran has almost tripled, new figures show. Public Health Scotland statistics show that, in April 2022, there were 13 operations cancelled due to issues with capacity and other “non-clinical reasons”. By June, the figure had increased to 32 operations.

Scottish Conservative MSP for South Scotland, Sharon Dowey, said: “Despite numerous announcements from the SNP on their mission to tackle NHS capacity, the figures show that the situation is only getting worse. I’m calling on Humza Yousaf [health secretary] to get a grip on this problem.

First and typically, the Conservative MSP calls on the Health Secretary to sort out the problem she perceives, not the board actually responsible. No English MP for a hospital trust, performing often at a third-world level, ever calls on their health minister to ‘get a grip.’

Second, this is more of the usual bad arithmetic from journalists. Three times 13 is 39, way above 32, so ‘nearly tripled?’

Third, it’s more bad statistics. It turns out that the 32 represent only 2.6% of all operations completed and that is actually below the Scottish average of 2.7%.

Fourth, it’s dim-witted analysis of the data. The carefully selected April figure of 13 (1.3%) was due to Covid-19 rules about staff isolation and not performance.

Finally, this is lacking even common sense. No organisation could ever be expected to have 100% performance, in this case never lacking staff and resources to meet fluctuating demand. You’d have to overstaff and overbuild with consequently some staff and operating theatres lying idle for much of the time. 97.3% of operations not cancelled for good medical reasons, carried out!


One thought on “Cancelled operations across NHS Ayrshire & Arran BELOW average, new figures show

  1. Off topic, but related to the point that, in Scotland, every alleged ‘failure’ results in a call for the relevant Minister to resign, consider her/his position, get a grip, etc.

    Following the shocking shooting of a nine year old girl in Liverpool, the Daily Mail headline was “Lawless Britain”. They made no call for Ms Priti Patel to resign or consider her position. Ms Patel and the Tories are, of course advocates of ‘lawr’n’o’der’ and ‘tougher sentencing’, so why after 12 years is Britain ‘lawless’?

    Of course to the Mail readers the reason is the feckless, irresponsible working classes.

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