A real leader getting on with the day job?

From STV last night:

Energy companies have agreed to work with the Scottish Government on a package of support measures to help people struggling with the cost of living. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon met with representatives from the sector in a summit at Bute House in Edinburgh on Tuesday. At the meeting, it was agreed that the UK Government must immediately cancel any further energy price rises for domestic consumers.


However, the price cap is set between the UK Government and the energy companies. The SNP Government is not allowed to take part. So, where’s the UK Prime Minister at this time of crisis? Here he is:

In the Metro on Monday 22nd:

Pictures show Boris and Carrie Johnson relaxing on their sun-soaked Greek getaway before the prime minister returns to work this morning. The ousted Tory leader was spotted laughing and waving with his wife of 15 months onboard a private boat on the picturesque Greek island of Evia. The trip with their two children, Wilfred and Romy, comes straight after they celebrated a belated honeymoon in Slovenia. The British leader has been criticised for being absent amid the UK’s energy bill crisis.


He’s on holiday as millions face a winter of freezing and starving? Who’s minding the shop?

Dominic Raab is the Deputy PM. Rishi Sunak is a candidate for PM. What are they doing?

I know! The favourite to be next PM! She’ll be on this:

Ah, ‘within weeks?‘ Two, five, eleven? But her priority is still tax cuts?

Her next Chancellor. What does he say:

Sensitive, caring – that’ll be like choosing between the Devil and the deep blue sea?

2 thoughts on “A real leader getting on with the day job?

  1. ”Carry on Governing ! ” – this is the level we have reached in the UK .

    But unfortunately instead of Sid James , Kenneth Williams and Barbara Windsor we have Boris ”Where’s Wally ” Johnson , Rich! Cynic and Truss me I’m a Maggie Thatcher look-a-like !


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