A real people’s democratic party: Only SNP sees membership income increase as others suffer ‘mass exodus’

I don’t know if writers get to say what the headline should be these days but the above ‘attention-grabber‘ conceals the key facts which most readers, headline-surfers, won’t see.

In the article:

An SNP spokesperson said: “The SNP is the only major UK political party to see a rise in membership income last year.

“Although our overall membership fell by 1.5%, that’s dwarfed by the mass exodus of 18% of Labour members and 25% of LibDems last year.”


Note: Many of those leaving seem to have done so only to save money during a tough time.


15 thoughts on “A real people’s democratic party: Only SNP sees membership income increase as others suffer ‘mass exodus’

  1. I resigned from the SNP this year tho’ I’m still 100% pro-Indy. I have not joined any other party but fear for the Indy movement given the direction – or lack thereof – of this SNP government.


  2. Like you , I left the SNP this year, tired of being marched to the top of the hill only to be led back down again . If party income has increased with a decline in membership , remaining members must have dug deeper into their pockets .


  3. erm what about this bit none of my friends, or fellow members stated this as their reason for leaving ” “The overall number of members at year end was 105,393. All of those cancelling or lowering their membership payments listed the pandemic as the reason.” The truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth for me not spin no matter who from thank you.


    1. “…All of those cancelling or lowering their membership payments listed the pandemic as the reason.”
      Incorrect in my case and a (former SNP member) neighbour of mine who resigned last year.


  4. While on the topic of ”losing members” perhaps The Herald could tell us how many readers THEY have lost over the past 5 years ?
    And how many online subscribers have disappeared ?

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  5. Shome mishtake, shurely.
    Scorrish Labour had one million new members this year.
    We say them scurrying round Starwars ankles in Glasgow.
    If he “joins” the dustmans strike in Embra, he will get a million more.



  6. I see the BBC News website is covering political party membership stats: ‘Labour membership falls by 90,000, latest accounts show’.
    See https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-62582014

    From the article:
    ‘The Labour Party LOST ABOUT 91,000 MEMBERS LAST year, according its (sic) accounts. The party had 432,213 members at the end of 2021, down from 523,332 in 2020. (my emphasis)

    ‘Leader Sir Keir Starmer said party membership ALWAYS DECLINES BETWEEN ELECTIONS – but left-wing critics said Jeremy Corbyn’s departure had SPARKED AN “EXODUS” of members.

    ‘Labour is still thought to have more than TWICE AS MANY MEMBERS as the Conservative Party.’

    The BBC piece also reports: ‘The Liberal Democrats LOST NEARLY 25,000 MEMBERS last year. Their accounts show their numbers fell from 98,247 to 73,544.

    ‘The SNP won a fourth term in government in the Scottish Parliament election in 2021. Its membership fell only slightly – from 105,393 to 103,884.’

    The article also refers to party finances: ‘Labour deficit grows – Accounts submitted to the Electoral Commission show Labour lost around £3m in membership fees, after they fell from £19.3m in 2020 to £16.2m.’

    ‘The party raised almost £10m in donations in 2021 from members, major donors and unions – an increase from £5.7m a year earlier.

    ‘Income overall stood last year stood at £46m, compared with the £32m for the Conservatives.

    Labour’s treasurers wrote that party’s finances “remain challenging” and the party was RUNNING A £5.2M DEFICIT – up from £1m – meaning it spent more over the year than it earned.’ But the article ends with: ‘The party was DEBT-FREE, however, they added.’ Wonder how that works?


  7. Tories funded by tax evaders and bankers. Labour funded by Trade Unions. Labour align with the Tories to deny workers rights.

    SNP funded by its members gives the freedom and ability to introduce worthwhile measures and beneficial policies.


    1. SNP, a necessary but not sufficient agent of Scottish independence, still in thrall to the notion of a legal. Referendum route to self determination . The energy and talents of wider Yes movement must be engaged properly by the SNP. Ditch the idea of an SNP enforced code of conduct , The SNP need to abandon their claim to monopolise the independence “brand” .

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  8. The SNP members are a small section of the Independence movement. (2million+ support).

    Pro rata compared to UK political Party members. ( 45million electorate). SNP (Scotland only) would have approx 1million members. (105,000 x approx 10).


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