Breath-taking arrogance of the Tories

Just which part of the SNP record do they feel entitled to scrutinise?

Is it:

  • the superior NHS performance?
  • the much lower crime rate?
  • the much lower drug death rate among the under 35s?
  • the higher NHS staffing?
  • the higher police staffing?
  • the higher firefighter staffing?
  • the lower cumulative Covid death rate?
  • the effective contact tracing?
  • the lower child poverty?
  • the greater affordable housing supply?
  • the higher vaccination levels?
  • the greater acceptance of refugees?
  • the greater investment in water and consequent cleaner water?
  • and…

Will they be allowing scrutiny of their own record?

Such as:

  • billions wasted on a failed test and trace system?
  • billions wasted on PPE contracts?
  • a far higher Covid death rate?
  • huge corruption in their Party?
  • a housing crisis?
  • a water crisis?
  • soaring drug deaths?
  • soaring crime?
  • inadequate staffing in the NHS, policing and fire services?
  • and….I tire.



19 thoughts on “Breath-taking arrogance of the Tories

  1. To the SNP’s record in Gov you can add their hospital building programme which has led to new Community Hospitals the length and breadth of the country as well as major hospitals such as QEUH, Edinburgh Sick Kids and a couple of specialist centres in Aberdeen.

    Then there is the attainment gap recently in the news again. The SG has made huge strides in its efforts to close it. Now look at the situation in England where a report today shows that there has been no reduction in the attainment gap in 20 years or more

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    1. It is noteworthy that the Labour education spokesperson condemns ‘12 years of Tory failure to close the attainment gap.’ The research indicates that the gap had not narrowed in 20 years and Labour was in power for the first 8 of these. Hypocrisy??

      It is plausible that Labour’s Sure Start programme for early years would have reduced the attainment gap. But, it was one of the programmes that Cameron, Osborne and Clegg scrapped quickly. By the time Sure Start had been cancelled, most of the young people involved had not yet left primary school. Although Labour increased spending in education for all age groups, it also continued the iniquitous Tory OfSted regime under Mr Chris Woodhead and this had a seriously destructive effect of teaching approaches and on the kinds of things that enhanced the opportunities of young people. The examination system is only examining the kinds of things which the more affluent have advantages in.


  2. The only matter that exceeds their arrogance
    Is Stupidity
    If they serious and go ahead even in a rigged format
    Then if you go down to the Westminster woods
    You indeed in for a very big surprise
    Encourage the eejits to make due haste,progress and implementation
    One barrel of Grade one apples
    Compared to one rotten to the very core


  3. The centralised model that the UK government chose to use for Test and Trace was never about helping people. It is a mass surveillance programme. It sits within the “Joint Biosecurity Centre” and was originally run by Tom Hurd, one of Johnson’s Eton mates. Test and Trace comes under the Intelligence Services and not the Health Services.

    It may be a failed system in the public’s eyes, but it is actually an ongoing program which is still succeeding in what it set out to do.

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    1. Interesting aside there Ronnie.

      A quick look at wikispooks:

      and one finds Tom Hurd listed as “Director General” “Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism” “from April 2016”

      and one discovers that Dr Clare Gardiner who took over the
      Joint Biosecurity Centre after Tom (son of tory grandee and Bilderberger Douglas Hurd) also identified as a seconded JCHQ spook:

      British Establishment / Deep State to their core.

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  4. ”Scrutiny” of any administration is effectively done at every election by the country’s voters .
    Remind me who won every election in Scotland since 2007 !
    The voters , we are told , are the ultimate judges of any Government and they have clearly spoken in Scotland .

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  5. All I can think of to explain this idiotic behaviour, is that they actually believe what Alister Jack tells them about life in the far North or somehow they are able to access BBC Scotland, or is it BBC Darlington as I don’t think Rishi is too sure himself.

    Their idiocy is indeed staggering, but given their track record since this Tory election pantomime started, their distasteful views on Scotland and its people should not surprise us.

    Just spread the news far and wide folks, as our Scottish media certainly wont.

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  6. Thank goodness you are consistently pointing this out and backing it up with statistics, analysis and links. It’s going to come as some surprise to the rest of the UK when more Westminster scrutiny shows up the other nations. as lagging well behind Scotland. What a pity the BBC hadn’t kept everyone informed of the real state of affairs, 12 years of conservative mismanagement is going to look pretty bad in comparison to what the SNP have achieved

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  7. Every time the London establishment comes up with the idea of putting Scotland in it’s place,all they do is highlight the incompatibility between English and Scottish sovereignty.
    In their minds,Scottish sovereignty ceased to exist in 1707 when Scots became subsumed into Greater England with it’s tradition of parliamentary supremacy.
    It appears that agreeing in their parliament that Scots have the right to self determination is just a lot of hot air and meaningless in reality.
    Much like some other things they have agreed to recently!

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  8. Politics in the UK has become so party-focused that the Tories and their supporters, who already largely viewed themselves of a superior class, now hold the rest of the populace and, as a result of Brexit, the rest of the world in contempt. Just look at their attitude to immigrants, their indifference to breaking international law, their meddling in workers’ and human rights, their meddling in the Electoral Commission, BBC, Channel4 etc, their efforts to reduce the democratic powers of the devolved nations , and on and on it goes.

    You have to ask yourself would you have anything further to do with any individual who held you in such open contempt? Well, this also applies to our country and its people being held in contempt. It’s time for Scotland to break free and make our mark in the wider world with a fairer society, better governance and better regard for the climate and environment. And, if it’s right for Scotland to break free, it’s right for the people of Wales and N Ireland to have the chance to do likewise.

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  9. Westminster borrowed £101Billion. 2019 to 2020. £370billion (over a life time) spent on Covid pandemic. Scotland got £8Billion no doubt will be clawed back. It could have been borrowed at a cheaper rate. Pro rata for parity it should be approx £37Billion (over a life time). Scotland pays loan repaymentd on monies not borrowed or spent in Scotland.

    Whole UK Gov Accounts 2019-20. Published in 2022. Internet.


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