Labour colludes with Tories to try to scupper SNP’s 5% pay offer to council workers

What? Side with the Tories just to stuff the SNP? You bet!

From SNP Media yesterday:

The SNP has called on Anas Sarwar to end his “deafening silence” after his party, once again, stood side-by-side with the Tories – this time by rejecting a 5% wage rise for council workers.

Following a £140million investment by the Scottish Government to COSLA, Labour and Tory council leaders opted to vote against the pay increase – reducing the offer to just 3.5%.
It follows a litany of secret backroom deals between Tory and Labour in recent months. 
Commenting, the SNP’s Depute Leader, Keith Brown MSP, said:
“Once again, Scottish Labour has shown its true colours by siding with the Tories.
“Instead of backing council workers with a well-earned pay rise of 5%, they have taken a note out of the Tory handbook by rejecting the proposal. 
“This coincides with their refusal to take the fight to Westminster, demanding a fairer deal for all those facing the brunt of the Tory-made cost of living crisis. 
“One has to wonder, what is the point of the Labour party?


13 thoughts on “Labour colludes with Tories to try to scupper SNP’s 5% pay offer to council workers

  1. More to the point , why haven’t the unions like the GMB ( and Sarwar’s wee pal Chis Mitchell aka The Rat ! ) come out and condemned this blatant undermining of the workers case ?
    The GMB and Unite have been very happy to be seen posing with Sarwar when he is using them as a stick to beat the Scottish Government – but are reluctant to put the boot into Labour when they obstruct pay negotiations .
    If I were part of their union I would be questioning the motives of these ”leaders” . Do they work for their members or for the Labour Party ?


  2. The Scottish Government is being squeezed from above by the Tory Government Westminster cutting funding in and from below by the Labour Councils egged on by their Tory and Lib Dem mates demanding more funding for pay rises in the hope of getting Scots voters to blame the SNP that is caught in the middle.
    Recent losses by the unionist parties show that even if Scots were not genetically programmed to make political decisions they are certainly catching on fast.


  3. Red Tories + Blue Tories.
    British nationalists telling Scots, Welsh and Irish people to —
    “Get back in yer box”!

    Same old sh!t…………….from the same old one-armed jugglers.

    BBC Scotland–“in the studio, we have wide-ranging views from our neutral expert panel”
    “Brian Wilson, Lord Baron Ffoulksakia, Baroness Davidson and, speaking via our mobile ouija board, Edward V111, King of England”.

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  4. Labour vote share will fall even lower. Into obscurity. 18% will go even lower. An increase for the SNP. The unionists parties try to take people for fools. They will fail at the Ballot Box, for their disgraceful behaviour. People need to get out and vote accordingly.


    1. Gordon, they have been been doing that in their droves after 2014. I’ve said this before, but canvassing for the 2015 G.E, the reply we got in former solid Labour voting areas was, ” Never again. They, Labour, lied, and we will never vote for them again”.


  5. The GMB and Unite members need to canvass their representatives not acting in the members interest. They need to support more conciliatory leaders. Not support the Tories. Acting against their interests.


  6. In that case, SNP councillors/MSP’s and MP’s need to get round the table with Unite and GMB and show them irrefutable proof of this.
    To increase support for independence, The SNP needs to get Trade Unions inside, working with them to show that they really do support workers.

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    1. The trade unions are only socialist and pro the workers when it means promoting their own interests within the Labour party, (and Tory party now it seems) they are anti SNP it’s simple as that. Who heads the likes of the GMB? What are their political connections, and those of their staff?

      I watched this yesterday, not too far from what the British nationalists are doing to Scotland. The peoples’ wellbeing is not their priority to say the least.

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        1. You do an amazing amount of work for Scotland John always remember that .
          Chomsky is a hero, an amazing person, it must greatly sadden him to see how the world is going to helping a hand cart, when it needn’t be like that.


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