The not-so odd couple?

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Join LBC legend Iain Dale and his partner in crime, former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith for one of five unique live versions of their smash-hit political podcast For The Many.
Expect the usual cocktail of political analysis, unfiltered opinion and outrageous smut. Different guests will feature daily, and all will be open to audience questions.

Today’s guests: Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross MSP and Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar MSP.
“Lots of political banter and questions answered with gossipy insight. Far more fun than you might expect!” Observer.

Only those with a strong stomach should tune in.

Commenting SNP MSP Rona Mackay said:

“The Scottish Labour and Tory leaders making their Fringe debut together is less surprising than being handed a festival flyer on the Royal Mile – the dire duo seem to be inseparable.
“Ross and Sarwar already have form for teaming up – whether it be in councils across Scotland, in their support for damaging policies Scotland hasn’t voted for or for attempting to block the Scottish people from democratically choosing their own future.
“Unfortunately, theirs is a partnership that people across Scotland are sadly all too familiar with – and whilst the pair sit side by side on stage, people across Scotland will be thinking about just how indistinguishable Labour and the Tories in Scotland have become.
“The only way for Scotland to escape these damaging Westminster parties is to become a normal independent country.” 

SNP Media

4 thoughts on “The not-so odd couple?

  1. Dross and Sawar
    Are nothing more than
    Brothers in Arms
    And such Arms are fully loaded and squarely aimed
    At our peoples and right to
    Know thy foes
    And make no mistake about the nefarious purposes in their acceptance of this joint exercise upon the field of conflict
    Yes supporters should have been planted into the Audience to act as mines to
    Detonate under their arguments and expose their true purpose and intention
    Both of them stupid enough to tread upon such
    A mine
    Bang Bang get 2 with the one stone

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  2. I hope they each wear a lapel badge with their Tory/Labour affiliation on it otherwise the public won’t be able to distinguish between them !

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  3. I don’t know why people describe these politicians as representing Westminster parties when the reality is that they are the Westminster Party.
    Virtually no difference in policy these days but especially when it comes to Scotland.
    NO to Scottish democracy is their mantra,hidden behind a smokescreen of “Better Together”.

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  4. I read that as ‘for the many live with DR and AS’, and wondered why anyone would want to live with them and who are the many? 🙂 :-/

    Anyhoo, a couple of nobody’s pretending to be important, no doubt wiil be splashed all over the ‘media’. They are lackeys’ of the English Labour and Tory parties…good to see Rona Mackay’s take on this, so apt.


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