Scots have more than twice the access to public swimming pools

In a BBC UK report today, we read:

Swimmers across the UK have lost access to more than 60 public pools in the last three years, BBC News has found. Freedom of Information requests to UK councils revealed 65 pools had closed, either temporarily or permanently, in the three years to March 2022.

Ukactive said a lack of staff, rising energy costs and chemical shortages had created a “perfect storm” for centres. Greg Whyte, a board member at the organisation, said the closures were an “absolute health and welfare disaster”.

The body’s chief executive, Huw Edwards, said there were other health risks related to closing pools. “Two million children learn to swim in our pools every year and leisure centres provide 66% of our cancer prehab and rehab services, which clearly shows that lives are at stake if they close,” he said.

The report does not consider the adequacy of access in any of the above areas, but a quick calculation tells you that with 10 times the population, England does not have, based on 10 times the population, 10 times Scotland’s publicly funded swimming pools, 2 210, but less than half that, 987.


4 thoughts on “Scots have more than twice the access to public swimming pools

  1. And we’ve also been able to swim in rivers, lochs and the sea. They call it wild swimming but to save fuel in the Highlands we use the clean, natural waters here. So really our Central Belt has even greater access. Poor people in England have polluted waters unless they go pool swimming. Is there a shortage of chlorine looming?

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  2. People now are swimming in the rivers and the sea. Brilliant weather and healthier. All over Scotland. People should keep safe and watch the tide and currents etc.

    More outdoor pools should be opening. Heated sea water. A massive tourist attraction to any area. An investment. Staycations have increased massively. People not wanting to fly too much. Crowded airports and hassle. Many swimming pools closed temporarily because of Covid. Swimming and water are good for lifting depression. Scotland makes £Billions from tourism.

    The threat is higher energy costs in some cases. The Oil & Gas sector should be higher taxed. When price and profits are high the tax should be increased. When prices and profits are low. The tax should be lower. That is how the industry was supposed to be managed until the ConDems/Tory came to power. 12 years ago.

    Prices fell but Osbourne did not lower the tax. 120,000 people lost their jobs. The price and profits have increased but the taxes have not been increased. Other taxes could be lowered eg NI. Or The threshold and universal credit increased (£20+). So people could afford the increased cost/ price of fuel and energy.

    If no action is taken businesses will close and people will lose jobs. Increase unemployment which will have to be funded. The Tories are on their way out and support for Independence is increasing. Scotland could manage the economy so much better.

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  3. Looking good.. 👍

    David Tydeman, chief executive at FMPG, said:

    “This is another sign of progress towards delivering GLEN SANNOX. She is now prepared for the next stage of the commissioning programme at the yard, as well as ongoing work on the outfitting programme to complete internal accommodation.

    “The vessel made a striking image as she moved up the Clyde, back to the shipyard. There is a real sense of pride and optimism among the workforce as they can now see the ship they have worked hard for approaching delivery between March and May 2023.”


    1. Yes, it does look quite a imposing vessel. Lets hope her and her sister ship progress without too many issues and Fergusons and the Clyde in general can look forward to more shipbuilding orders.

      It’s probably going to one of the main items on BBC Scotland tonight, so I will set up the Video Recorder in case I miss it.

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