If there’s no bad news about Scotland today…predict some

‘UK ministers will argue in court..’

When? More than a month from now on 11 and 12 October. Just another quiet day when BBC Scotland can headline, unwarranted, doubts over the elected Scottish Parliament’s right to hold a referendum.

‘Bin workers to strike?’

When? Maybe never or in 2 to 3 weeks, on 24 to 31 August, unless they accept the offer resulting from the Scottish government’s extra Ā£140 million to local authorities.

Extra funds? Where? At the bottom of the BBC Scotland report.

This is not the news. This is propaganda based on negative assumptions aimed at keeping the audience anxious and dissatisfied with the SNP Government, in the gaps between reports of actual current events, the news?


3 thoughts on “If there’s no bad news about Scotland today…predict some

  1. Just try watching the 6 o’clock STV news and follow it, straight away with BBC Reporting Scotland. STV present a fairly balanced view of the country but BBC Reporting Scotland is relentlessly negative and often reports negative stories with no context. Basically a propaganda station for the Union.


  2. And I note that this article is plastered in prime spot on both the Scotland and Scotland/Politics pages.. šŸ™„
    At least it has demoted James Cook’s latest ludicrous adventure in propaganda “Where does Scotland stand with the attainment gap?” off the pages, presumably his annual bonus from Alister was on the line hence all his agitation…
    But be assured, the Verminator…. “He’ll be BACK….” (he read the email) šŸ˜‰

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  3. BBCScotlandshire ‘s ‘news’ is the TV equivalent of The Minority Report . ( A movie in which future offenders were punished before the ‘crime’ was committed )

    However , while the Minority Report dealt with ‘future crime’ BBCScotlandshire is not just content with possible ‘bad SNP ‘ stories but also throws in past news as relevant – Ferries , Ferries and sometimes , Ferries !

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