On Rishi, Liz and the Dark Nights

(c) Martin Rowson

By Alasdair Galloway

On Rishi, Liz and the Dark Nights

And here we have Rishi Sunak exposed as the Tory he is, shamelessly boasting that he had changed funding formulas to take money away from deprived areas to the more affluent – something that “needed to be undone”. https://twitter.com/NewStatesman/status/1555476253045673987

But perhaps the most shocking thing is, I think, that he refers to the privileged area he is obviously in, is when he says he is giving them the funding they “deserve”. What criteria does he use for making this assertion? Do they deserve it because they already have more than others? Sort of to those who have shall be given, by taking it away from those who have not?

For one thing this flies wholly in the face of what is left of the post-war consensus, and even the paternalist Conservatism of such as Harold McMillan and Rab Butler, and perhaps even Edward Heath and Willie Whitelaw. Perhaps it is naive of me even to mention those names, for their Conservative Party is not Sunak’s

Kirsty Strickland was asked the other day if she would prefer Sunak or Truss and replied that being asked that was rather like being asked if you wanted kicked in the knee or punched in the mouth. I suspect she was only conducting herself in a lady like manner, for there are other more colourful ways of saying the same thing. Or if all else fails, its like being asked if you want hung or shot.

One might say at this point that it’s as well that Sunak looks unlikely to win. Until that is you remember that he is likely to lose to West Primary School, Paisley’s most infamous former pupil, Liz Truss. Nearly as much has been written about her as about Sunak, for us to know that the future is likely to be no more bright with her as PM as it would be were it to be Sunak.

This after all is who said that she would ignore the First Minister of Scotland who was no more than an attention seeker. You can find this here

Enough time has been spent on ire that she would say this –  even the young man “interviewing her” (well throwing her easy balls to hit actually) was moved to point out that the FM is only the elected head of the Scottish Government. There are, though, two points from this clip

The first one is to note not just what she said but the reaction – the cheers and the applause from the audience. All Tory Party members to a man and to a woman. If she decided to act against Scotland then I think its pretty clear that she would have the support of at least the Tory Party membership – indeed she would probably be cheered on and applauded as she did so.

Secondly, she considers that what is necessary is to show us what Westminster is “delivering for them”. And what might that be Liz? Actually, all she can come up with are “investment zones and freeports”. Nothing about energy costs going through the roof, inflation possibly reaching 13% by next year, increasing interest rates, all of which make real that it is “heat, eat or on the street”.

 On the same video, if you let it run, you will find Rees Mugg making similar points in that public school ex cathedra way of his. Education and health are both doing badly (are you listening Professor), and that the entire referendum issue is just a deflection from their failure to deliver public services to the people of Scotland. No interruption, no calling out. Just sit and listen.

Ironically the Times reports on its front page that in England “Winter of woe means long waits for patients

Only six in ten will be seen within four hours. Bed shortages, an increase in demand, rising Covid infections and the prospect of resurgent flu mean that the NHS faces a fraught winter

As few as six patients in ten will be dealt with by hospital A&E departments within four hours this winter, ministers have been warned as concern grows that the NHS is heading for an “unprecedented” crisis.

Whitehall projections suggest that the health service in England is on track to miss the mandatory four-hour waiting time target by a record margin as it struggles with a shortage of beds and exceptional demand on services.”

In other words, its not just if this happens, but that they know that this will happen – that 40% will wait for at least four hours to be seen at A&E. What punishment would befall poor Yousaf if this happens in Scotland? Are you listening Prof????

In his National column yesterday, the Dug argued that this Tory Party election was taking a “dark turn”. Specifically he is arguing that “We may now be facing a Conservative government and party which being bereft of any compelling positive case for the Union and unable to make significant inroads into the electoral support for pro-independence parties is now toying with the idea of criminalising so-called “separatism”.

Sunak has after all suggested that if elected he would extend the definition of extremism to include those who “vilify Britain”, who “did not just want to attack the UK’s values but also the country’s very existence”.

It is arguable here that Sunak has in mind Islamic extremism, but it’s an easy argument to suggest that those seeking Scottish independence, or the reintegration of Northern Ireland into the rest of Ireland are attacking the very existence of the UK.

To draw all this together, the critical point is that both candidates seem set on a campaign to monster and vilify others. From our point of view, most notably the Scottish Government and its ability to run government affairs here, even if this means actually telling lies as Rees Mogg did in his clip. Arguing for your point of view is, according to Truss, “attention seeking”, but following the suggestions on amending current legislation could become something much worse. And let’s not forget repeal of the European Convention legislation and its replacement with a “British Bill of Rights”. We have already seen Truss’s view of the right to protest, the perpetrators in this case being described as “infiltrators”, which is an interesting choice of word if the Tory Party is set on “othering” anyone who disagrees with them, or even worse tries to obstruct them.


9 thoughts on “On Rishi, Liz and the Dark Nights

  1. With regards what happens
    When leaders deliberately
    Single out a minority to be
    Dealt with by Law and policy as the Tory leadership candidates
    Are doing so with glee then
    If NOT halted in its tracks
    You destination takes you to Auschwitz and to a particular wall in the commandant,s office where hangs 6 no glass framed prisoners uniforms
    Jews,Communists,Romany gypsies ,Russian Officers,
    Polish dissidents and Political agitators
    But the most revealing of all is that the wall is of considerable Sq.Metres
    And the remaining 95 % of empty space awaiting the next category of inmate to enter their evil process, particularly so as plans were afoot to more than double the camps capacity
    Truss and Sunak are now framing and hanging their first selections for elimination and to a rousing cheer from their enthusiastic followers
    Scotland as a matter of urgency extricate ourselves from this little acorn that is now germinating in the most fertile of soils that is most excellently irrigated and fertilised in these times of economic drought

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  2. What is really alarming is not so much these two charlatans but the people who support these views.
    It is going to be increasingly difficult for the Scottish branches of the London based parties to associate themselves with such extreme policies.
    We can expect an outbreak of squirrels in an attempt to hide the true nature of the UK state in the 21st century from Scots.
    For Scotland the choice,if we are “allowed”,is between being a 21st century European state or an 18th century English colony.

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  3. Well expounded Alasdair.
    Whoever thought it “a jolly good idea” to turn the Tory leadership contest for <160,000 party members into a public relations exercise, really didn't think through the consequence to perspectives beyond Tunbridge Wells.

    The dogmatic myopia of what today constitutes the Tory Party has never looked quite so disconnected from reality – Truss's arrogant "No more handouts" in response to pleas over energy bills, was gauged to appeal to the 'blue rinse" membership, but will have gone down like a lead balloon almost everywhere else as economic illiteracy.

    PM Truss is not just facing off Scots now, but the entirety of England – It will not end well…

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  4. The UK in 2022 :
    no working Government at Westminster – the Zombie PM away on his hols after exhausting himself with his ”dad dancing ” at his (latest ) wedding ;
    the Zombie Chancellor taking the money for the job but refusing to do anything that might be construed as HIS JOB !
    the media consumed with the mud-slinging between two pygmies that is laughingly described as a ” Leadership contest ” !
    energy bills going through the roof – for those who still have one above their heads after the biggest interest rate rise in 27 years !
    ‘Heat Banks’ being lined up to help reduce hypothermia victims this Winter in one of the richest countries in the world .
    Food banks being privatised to maximise profits for the richest 1% of the population ( kidding ! Maybe ? ).

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  5. I listened to a BBC Radio 4 current affairs programme this morning. It exemplified what is so often different in the following two situations: (i) a BBC interview with a critic of the Westminster government; and (ii) a BBC interview with a Westminster government critic of the Scottish Government.

    In the former situation, when the interviewee asserts something ‘bad’ about the Tory government, for ‘balance’ the BBC interviewer will commonly interject. The interviewer will say in terms – ‘that would be disputed by the UK government’. So they feel obliged for a moment to make the point that an assertion would be contested.

    When a Westminster government minister asserts that Scotland’s education, health etc. etc. systems are all failing due to a failing Scottish Government, the BBC interviewer just listens in silence – wholly unconcerned with the veracity or otherwise of the assertions and therefore complicit in gaslighting.

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    1. The English government no doubt are plotting to take back Scotland, lock stock and with 100’s of barrels more of Scotland’s oil.

      Direct rule will be touted as the only way to save Scotland from the SNP, which is why the BBC and other right wing so called media are demonising the FM, and the party in government that the people of Scotland have democratically voted for.

      The othering of the FM and Scotland and thereby the people of Scotland is extremely sinister and worst case scenario a likely preamble to removing the FM and SNP from office by force, which will be accepted as only right and proper by many in England.
      It seems the Tories really can’t ‘ignore’ the FM of Scotland,and they can’t afford to lose the massive revenues they take from Scotland. Worrying times now that England is effectively a one party state and with the removal of the European Convention of Human Rights planned, it’s terrifying, yikes.


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