Scottish Tories write BBC headlines on police pay dispute

In a way unique to BBC Scotland, unseen in BBC Wales, N Ireland or England, we see today:

The data was revealed through a freedom of information request by the Scottish Conservatives.

Party justice spokesman, Jamie Greene, said the hours worked demonstrated the “dedication” of officers.

He added: “This hard work is now being endangered by an SNP Government who have insulted police officers with a derisory pay offer.”

“That has left officers with no choice but to withdraw their goodwill.”

Missing, of course from the Scottish Tories, is the interesting fact that the Conservative Government in England is responsible for the shocking fact that they have provided only 223 officers per 100K population while the SNP Government in Scotland has provided 365!

BBB UK reporting of comparable issues has no place for opposition party comment:

Police staffing statistics covered here:


5 thoughts on “Scottish Tories write BBC headlines on police pay dispute

  1. A big number quoted without context. What is the average number of hours worked per officer? How does this stand in relation to historic trends? How does it compare with similar data for England, Norther Ireland or Wales? What is the proportion of a police officer’s wage which is made up of overtime? Etc. Etc.

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    1. “Officers worked 1,074,545 hours of overtime in 2021-22, compared to 464,049 hours the previous year”
      Given COP26, and Covid screwing up shifts, it was hardly an average year for Police Scotland.
      16,805 full-time officers, so ca 60 hrs per year average, or 5 hours per month, devastating stuff really 🙄

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  2. Perhaps the Scottish government should offer to pay the police in Scotland the exact same rate as in England, with similar staffing levels.

    The Scottish Police Federation/Tory party could explain to their members why this was happening.

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  3. The headline with the big number is always a firm favourite, you only need look beneath the lead photo for “The pandemic and the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow were factors in increased overtime hours” for an explanation for the increase….

    Jamie Greene as well as HMS James Cook are doubtless meeting monthly “SNP Government bad” targets, once the SPF settle on the pay award, they will take another angle or move onto something else.

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  4. Give a warning like before. Instead of charging and possible court for mild misdemeanours. Investigate then charge. Not charge and then investigate. To be dropped. Or an on the spot warning or fine. That can be appealed. Instead of building an empire or pyramid of ‘crime’. Prison 138 per 100,000. One of the highest rates in Europe. More in US/Russia.

    Too many people on the spectrum are in prison without diagnosis or the right support. Too noisy and bright. The authorities need more diversity training and understanding. Police cannot just give a warning as before. It has to charged and go to Court. Or mainly dropped.

    Crime is a gender issue. A high % of males have a conviction during their younger days. . It can lead to unemployment. Much (violent) crime is committed under the influence of alcohol/drugs. The drinks in. The wit’s oot.

    The Domestic abuse Bill that cannot be dropped. The Police are now charging abused women and vulnerable people under the Act. Including a minister’s sister. That got dropped.

    The Police work long hours and shifts. Night shift/days shift. Many police are recruited from the army. PTSD. More experienced officers left when Westminster increased the salary pension contribution. £100+ a month.


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