No evidence Scottish patients treated in corridors on trolleys

Last week the MSM were full of reports of patients being treated on trolleys in corridors, fuelled by an RCN survey of 2 358 of its roughly 50 000 Scottish members (4.7%). 22% of those (1.2%) responded to a question to confirm that clinical care had taken place in a waiting room or corridor.

First, from a self-selecting (squeaky wheel) and tiny sample these are not reliable findings.

Second, I’ve been in touch with the ‘researchers‘ but they could not give one example of treatment on a trolley in a corridor, in Scotland.

Typically, the Guardian did its best to make sure Scotland was included in the crisis but this was all they had to offer:

A nurse on an adult acute ward in Scotland said that patients and their relatives complained when an extra bed was squeezed into a four-bedded bay, leaving the fifth bed with “no buzzer, no curtains, not two-metre distanced”.

So, none on a trolley in corridor, then?

5 thoughts on “No evidence Scottish patients treated in corridors on trolleys

  1. Maybe the Guardian journo’s were “working in a corridor”?

    Guardian Editor-in-chief Katharine Viner granted 42% pay rise.
    £150,000 big ones to take her pay up to £510,000.

    Nice work if you can get it.

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  2. Pigs they truly are and instead of sniffing out
    The Pigs in the msm sniff
    Out Shi*te complete and utter Shi*te


  3. A few ambulances of non urgent patients waited outside until they could be seen. At times of busy emergency. Covid was the reason. To keep people well strict precautions had to be implemented. They were well looked after by trained staff.

    Patients would have ended up worse if they had caught Covid. Covid was more a threat to them than their medical condition. Some of the waiting list increased because vulnerable people were more at risk from Covid than a manageable health condition. Some people were seen sooner than average if Covid was not such a threat for them. Younger with no underlying health conditions.


  4. The Guardian has a £Billion in reserve. Always begging for more from the punters.
    Oxbridge employees. The rest are non Dom tax evading owners. Supporting illegal wars, tax evasion and financial fraud. Breaking International (business) Law with impunity. Phone hacking, surveillance, bribery and corruption. Most of them should be in jail. If there was any justice.

    Truss as PM. That is how bad things have become. It will increase support for Independence. Every cloud has a blue lining.


  5. I’m sure however that years ago, when Labour UK were at the helm at Holyrood, there were people being treated in corridors in Scotland’s hospitals. I think it might have been because they had given contracts to private cleaning companies and there was a spike in novovirus and other hospital aquired infections as a result of Labour UK preference for privatisation of publicly funded, essential services. Should be in BBC Scotland archives, or some daily rags’ archives. Luckily the SNP cleared the mess up.
    Labour really attempted to sell off Scotland’s public services pretty damn quick in their ten years at the helm at Holyrood didn’t they. No thanks never again BritNat UK Labour, not in Scotland.

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