NHS 24 improves with more calls yet fewer abandoned

From BBC Scotland today, fed by a Scottish Labour Freedom of Information request:

Nearly a quarter of Scotland’s NHS 24 calls are being abandoned before they are answered, new figures show. Between February and June, 23% of calls to the 111 helpline did not reach an operator before the caller cut off. A freedom of information request from Scottish Labour revealed that of the 785,456 calls made to the 111 service in the last five months, 180,940 were abandoned.


From the Independent, also from Scottish Labour’s rodent team, but not mentioned above, in February 2022:

So more calls yet a higher percentage answered? Good news? The people have a right to know?

4 thoughts on “NHS 24 improves with more calls yet fewer abandoned

  1. People are treated first in an emergency. Prioritised. Do not wait for an ambulance. Get to a doctor, medical centre or hospital as quickly as possible. Car, taxi, bus any form of transport. The increased number of patients puts up waiting time unless an urgent emergency. These patients are seen first.

    Heart attack, strokes. Etc do not wait. Only 1 in 10 survive a heart attack. The nature of the beast. People if unconscious have to be resuscitated within six minutes. There are warning sign. Act on them. They can last hours chest or arm pain. Recognise them.

    Life style changes help prevent medical conditions for a long healthy life on average. 79 years in UK. Highest in Japan 85. Women outlive men five years worldwide. Spain 84. Healthier life style.


  2. In the bad old analogue days you would have received the engaged signal and called back later, and there would be no record of it ever having happened…


  3. People can call back. Or phone or e-mail the Dr surgery. It might take a bit longer but still get a response for non emergencies. Any emergencies are prioritised by hospitals. They are dealt with first.

    Do not wait for an ambulance get to a Dr, Healthcare centre or hospital as quickly as possible. The Hospitals are saving lives everyday. Non emergencies might have to wait a bit longer. Or manageable conditions are still being dealt with in priority. In which case people might have to wait a bit longer. Urgent emergencies take priority in a pandemic. Less people in Scotland have died as a result. Less people are in hospital with covid related problems.

    Lifestyle changes help people live longer. Prevention is better than cure.


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