Funniest headline of the century?

Who has BBC Scotland ‘in the dock?’ Alistair Bonnington, their former legal adviser. Are they really in a ‘dock’ ie court? No, he’s just complained to the BBC and to Ofcom. I’ve done that many times. He’ll get nowhere.

Back to Alistair, just another peely-wally Scottish ‘gammon?’

(c) BBC

In 2020, he accused the OU of ‘Stalinism’ after it ‘removed a comment he made about transgender women.’ He was at the time a student of English Literature. Was Stalin sympathetic to trans women? Had he heard of them? Had he, would he have just ‘gulaged‘ them?

Bonnington, who ‘taught Sturgeon‘ has a thing about trans women and has written several angry pieces which you can read at the Christian Institute’s site:

Nicola Sturgeon’s law prof disciplined by uni for criticising Scots hate crime Bill


9 thoughts on “Funniest headline of the century?

  1. He must receive a different BBC Scotland than I do.

    Unless the “nationalists” he complains of are Anglo-British nationalists.

    Y’know–the invisible nats!
    The mainstream Brexit nats.
    The Labour “patriotic” nats.
    The howlin’ to the moon, nats.
    The Tory “dae whit yer telt” nats.
    BBC Scotland–England knows best nats.
    BBC “England (99% of the BEEB) expects” nats.
    The “sovereignty means England rules” nats.

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  2. So I read the first sentence and something about BBC flouting rules because of their PRO SNP BIAS.
    LOL really does have it’s uses at times like this. No idea what the guy is on about but he needs to see a therapist or something.
    I guess it’s classic gas lighting the people of Scotland, use the BBC etc to demonise, slate and propagandise against their preferred, democratically elected party of government, then tell them the BBC etc are actually favouring that party.
    Seen it all now.

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  3. BBC ”bias towards the SNP ” ?
    Thank God someone has at last discerned and spoken up about Scotland’s shame !
    Hopefully this will open the floodgates and more ”home truths” will emerge about :

    The Dark Money which floods into the SNP coffers from secretive Nats around the world .
    The constant belittling of Scotland by The Scottish Governmenmt who should be ”talking up Scotland ” – if it’s not Ferries they are complaining about it’s hospitals , or the Ambulance Service , or the quality of our Tory opposition .

    The daily sycophantic support by the print media of SNP policies and the complete ignoring of respected critics like Jackie Baillie and Murdo Fraser .

    The distortion by the media of the sterling work of Anas Sarwar at improving equality , particularly in respect of the Living Wage which he pioneered in his many businesses .

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  4. Tory MP Andrew Bowie’s claims that Rishi Sunak will ‘circumvent Holyrood’

    Just a thought do you think he is sucking up to Sunak to get Alister Jacks job.


  5. The Tories will be out, especially in Scotland. Thank goodness for Devolution 2000 and the Scottish Gov.

    Westminster tax evading failed bankers. Evading tax and setting tax rates for others. The tax evading Richis getting richer. The Non Dom wife. The rest getting poorer. The total mess and shambles of it ruining the economy. Total lying hypocrites just out for themselves and their cronies. Abusing their position at every opportunity. Appointed to positions above their capabilities.

    No wonder Nicola is always smiling. Another IndyRef coming soon. That can be won. That will bring some justice. No taxation without representation. Vote Yes to democracy. The worst PM in history. Another cabel of useless nonentities biding for the poison chalice. A total farce.


  6. It’s just a failing Tory rag trying to deflect the obvious union bias in both the print and broadcast media. Nobody with at least one functioning brain cell will believe a word of it. It is, quite simply, pathetic.


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