Going to Brighton to talk Scotland down

Scottish BMA branch convenor Lewis Morrison features all day today on BBC Scotland telling us:

NHS staff are increasingly having to apologise for “system-wide failings” which are letting patients down, a leading doctor claims.

The outgoing chairman of BMA Scotland, Dr Lewis Morrison, will highlight the burden on health care staff during his farewell address [in Brighton] later.

He will urge ministers to “stop asking doctors to say sorry and give them the tools to make things better”.


Morrison is a BBC Scotland regular, described as ‘a leading doctor’ when he is not even a leading trade unionist like Mick Lynch. Sometimes with a BMA survey based on a tiny, self-selecting, sample that would fail a 4th year Modern Studies project assessment by a kindly teacher but, more often as today, with mere anecdotes.

Here is the research method section:

“And it’s not just us – I know nurses, GP receptionists and all of us working in health care are in the firing line.”

There is no reliable, scientific, research study supporting any of his and BBC Scotland’s claims.

The BBC editorial guidelines tell them to check claims:

Where appropriate to the output and wherever possible, we should:

gather material using first-hand sources

check facts and statistics, identifying important caveats and limitations

validate the authenticity of documentary evidence and digital material

corroborate claims and allegations made by contributors

weigh, interpret and contextualise claims, including statistical claims.


At the very least where are the speech marks around the headline claim?

Does BBC Scotland have an exemption?


10 thoughts on “Going to Brighton to talk Scotland down

  1. The UK Gov ConDem tried to cut NHS funding £20Billion from 2015 to 2020. They had to increase it. The UK Gov did not prepare for the pandemic Cutting funding to concentrate on Brexit.

    The Scottish Gov increased funding. People know how good the SNHS can be because they use it every day and support it. SNHS saving lives everyday. Westminster abusing it.

    BBC staff not apologising for a failed system.

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  2. Dr Morrison I suppose is right to highlight the problems within our NHS especially when according to a STV Poll 20% of Scots still believe Boris is doing a ‘good’ job (no laughing please) so clearly this is going to pose acute problems for the NHS in meeting our mental illness treatment targets in the coming months/years.

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    1. 20% is not a majority. 1/5 is a minority. They can be outvoted. Johnston has mental health issues that clearly have not been addressed. A sociopath. He will be voted out. On the decline. Just a matter of time. Expected very soon. Before more damage can be done.


  3. Having just had plastic surgery on my cutaneous lug horn ( no giggling at the back ) , I’m filled with admiration for my treatment by the SNHS . No lengthy queue , impeccably neat stitching , painless from beginning to end . Three cheers for the GRI.

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  4. Meanwhile, elsewhere on the Beeb, alleged impartial journalist Kirsty Wark showed her true colours on Newsnight last night in an interview with the SNP’s constitutional spokesperson Angus Robertson.
    I quote her verbatim: “Let’s just say there was a referendum. And the result [mumbles something] – AND I IMAGINE YOU REALLY DON’T WANT TO BE GOING INTO A REFERENDUM UNLESS YOU HAVE 60 PER CENT IN THE OPINION POLLS (my emphasis) – let’s say you go into a referendum roughly where you are now and you don’t win.
    “Or you go in and you get less, is that it? Has the tide turned?”
    Apart from the fact that I have no idea what that question actually means, where did that 60 per cent assertion come from?
    Call me suspicious but is the BBC flying a Tory kite for some kind of minimum threshold for a YES vote in the referendum?
    That a simple majority, as was the case with the UK Brexit result, would no longer be enough?
    It may be simply another of Ms Wark’s sly asides which give away her anti-independence leanings.
    But why hurriedly insert something like that, something totally unrelated to the question she was asking, if not but for a reason?
    Maybe it’s all innocent.
    But Alister Jack, that fine defender of Scottish interests, has already referenced 60 per cent as some kind of democratic requirement.
    So maybe it’s not.
    And if it isn’t, don’t be surprised if magically this 60 per cent nonsense suddenly gains traction in relation to “consent” being granted for a section 30 order – not that Scotland needs it.
    Oh, and seconds later Ms Wark interviewed Douglas Ross in what was a far softer interview.
    In another revealing moment, she asked the Tories’ Scottish branch chairman: “Do you trust Boris Johnson to keep Scotland in the union?”
    Really Kirsty?
    Since when did Scotland depend on Boris Johnson to detain us anywhere, whether we like it or not?
    What are we in – a prison?
    What you will never hear is that the Kingdom of Scotland was the co-signatory to the Treaty of Union, along with the Kingdom of England.
    And as such, the people of our country have the absolute right to dissolve that union, declare that being in the UK no longer serves their best interests and choose independence, if that is their sovereign wish.
    To say otherwise is to deny democracy itself.

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  5. The illegal BBC and the whatiffery, Take it with a pinch of salt. Or do not watch it. The people’s choice. Less viewers, less programmes. Less stuff and nonsense. They cannot justify the £5Billion budget. Tennis is great.

    Do not watch the rubbish. Better for the blood pressure and well being.


  6. Unionist health boards. Unionist ConDems tried to cut the NHS budget £20Billion from 2015 to 2020. Lied instead of increasing it. To concentrate on Brexit. Another catastrophe. They had to increase the budget but not enough. Still underfunding it.

    Scottish Gov had to mitigate it and increase it.

    UK NHS spending £120Billion. Scottish Gov funding SNHS budget (+ social care) £15Billion. One of the highest Gov spends and employers. (Pro rata).

    Westminster unionists tried to cut the NHS funding £20Billion, £5Billion a year. They are increasing the Defence Budget £5Billion a year. Killing more people prematurely. Life expectancy in the south going down. The first time in 40 years.

    Scottish Gov having to mitigate Westminster cuts all the time. While Westminster mismanaged and cuts the Scottish fund’s. Illegally and undemocratically. Priorities and mismanagement by Westminster psychopaths. Lining their pockets on public monies. Then someone else has to come along to sort out their mess. They are away with all their illegally obtained swag. The reason they join a political party. Self interest.


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