NHS Scotland smashes drug and alcohol waiting times targets

Nowhere in Scotland’s MSM coverage today, this fantastic news:

Of the 8,202 referrals to community-based specialist drug and alcohol treatment services completed in this quarter [January to March 2022], 92% involved a wait of three weeks or less.


The target is 90%.

When targets are missed, even though performance is the best in the UK, it’s headline news:


3 thoughts on “NHS Scotland smashes drug and alcohol waiting times targets

  1. “Nearly 650 people did not get seen within three weeks of referral”. Hum a Yusaf must go demands Jackie Baillie


  2. Good news indeed, hopefully over the next year the demonisation of Scottish schools, health services and policing will be challenged consistently. We can’t of course depend on the usual news outlets for this, I think we will need to get strong indy voices onto shows like James O’Brien, shows that have a varied audience reach rather than geared towards one side. Can’t think of many others off hand but there has to be some surely?

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  3. £250million over 5 years. £50million a year. To rebuild proper funding for proper total abstinence, one chance, proper rehabs. (Unionist) Councils shut down by not funding under social care. There was no where for Drs to refer people who needed proper help.

    Head of social work drug policies did not believe in total abstinence funding rehab. Lack of fundings shut them down. They put people on methadone for years. Just as deadly as heroin. All the drug deaths in Scotland are people prescribed methadone. Then they take other substances. Overdose.

    Drinks in the wit’s oot. The cause of ‘crime’. Social problems.

    Half those in prison have additional needs. Autism ADHD. Undiagnosed. Without the proper support. Prison is not the place for them. Too noisy and bright lights. Drink/drugs addiction cause ‘crime’.

    The Police should have more training in diversity. Less ‘crime’. Less costly. Charging people for mild misdemeanours. Instead of a caution. Making it worse. Then it is dropped. Prison £40,000 a year. Better spent – prevention before cure.

    8,000 people in prison. 135 per 100,000. One of the highest number in Europe.(UK).

    France 102, Netherlands 66.

    USA/Russia much higher.

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