Is ‘overstretched’ NHS Scotland to be an ‘alternative part of the country’ for English patients?

in ‘alternative parts of the country.

This, from BBC 1 at 06:15am today, might be just another piece of Anglocentric reporting whereby the ‘country’ is England but with far more staff and beds per head of population, watch out for stories like the one below, from June 2022, being studiously ignored by Scotland’s MSM as they continue their preferred narrative of a crisis in NHS Scotland.


3 thoughts on “Is ‘overstretched’ NHS Scotland to be an ‘alternative part of the country’ for English patients?

  1. Sky News seemed to imply when they reported the story, that the “Across the Country” line was in fact England, that they probably meant. I think..


    1. I am not surprised that cash strapped health authorities in England are hoping to unload their patients in Scotland. I was unable to see my GP for 3 years in England, though admittedly 18 months of that was during the pandemic. Whilst I still haven’t seen my GP here face to face (there has been no need) I have seen the practice nurse, talked to the surgery’s pharmacist, and been sent for both breast and bowel cancer screening within my first 4 months. Not once has the surgery screwed up my prescription (a regular occurrence in England) and the reception staff are helpful and lovely.
      My deceased father, an American doctor of Scots heritage, was absolutely right when he spoke highly about the reputation of Scottish medicine.


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