MoD ‘Bonanza’ for foreign businesses: The myth of UK Government support for Scottish defence work

Today, in the Herald we see the other side to Murdo Fraser’s trumpeting of a yard getting the maintenance contract for a ship they built. Isn’t that just normal? They surely know best how to maintain something they know so much about?

More revealing but not likely to get tweeted by any Scottish cons, is this:


3 thoughts on “MoD ‘Bonanza’ for foreign businesses: The myth of UK Government support for Scottish defence work

  1. Some years ago, Westminster stopped publishing stats relating to defence spending in the nations of the UK–TOO embarrassing!

    As Boris would say–” a pound spent in Croydon is of far more value….than a pound spent in Strathclyde”.

    Its how they view the world, and the UK. The further you are from London, the less the interest.

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  2. Are the old nuke subs still sitting totally rusting at Rosyth in Scotland in the Firth of Forth, England’s legacy to Scotland, rusting nuke subs in your major rivers, nuke waste dumped in your territorial waters, fantastic. Murdo seems to be being given a BritNat platform to spout his lies has he been promised a wee seat in the house of lards I wonder!


  3. And about five minutes after the date is set for the referendum. We will be continually threatened with the ending of the contract and no more RN contracts to build or maintain anything, except of course nuclear weapons and their delivery systems.
    RN contracts can only be awarded to foreign countries that are not Scotland.


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