Revealed: ‘Demon’ Sturgeon not Transport Scotland official , not even Transport Secretary

Why is Nicola Sturgeon in that insert, above? She is not quoted in the article. The Transport Secretary is not quoted either, nor is she the CE of Transport Scotland:

So, an official might have suggested scaling back landings but we do noy, even for that official, have a quotable proposal.

Returning to the First Minister being pictured as some how responsible for the words, perhaps, of an official in an ‘arms-length’ agency responsible to a department for which she has no day-to-day or tactical role in, this is demonising whereby the views of many are conflated with one high-profile figure in an effort to damage their standing. It doesn’t happen, much, in the other parts of the UK. The PM is not pictured with empty railway stations, nor with queues of ambulances not of of lorries in Kent.

In Scotland we get, endlessly, images like that above and these below:

The demonising of first ministers by Scotland’s media goes back to the beginnings of the SNP power surge with Alex Salmond.

Personalising the ambitions of millions for a second referendum and reducing them to the wishes of one person, the First Minister, cast my mind back 7 years to the Spring of 2014, when I wrote:

Plus ça change?

Demonising of the SNP leadership does, of course, happen in UK media, notably from the threatened left, in cartoons:

Peter Brookes in 2020.

Steve Bell in 2015.

Steve Bell in 2014.

Steve Bell in 2013.


3 thoughts on “Revealed: ‘Demon’ Sturgeon not Transport Scotland official , not even Transport Secretary

  1. The BritNat state, English government/cabal are at war with Scotland, or rather, with the SNP. The Tory regime are powerful and a well funded operation, and will deploy any means necessary to thwart the independence campaign. The BritNat English state has far too much to lose by not demonising the SNP. Nicola Sturgeon is a threat to their regime, they want her and MP’s like Ian Blackford, out of their Eton leaders’ ruffled hair. The English government are a huge threat to Scotland’s democracy.

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    1. I believe your first conclusion is correct A.H. The English Government are at war with the people of Scotland. Of course, the S.N.P are in their firing sights, since they are one of the prime movers in our bid for Independence. You are absolutely correct that the corrupt British State will use any and every dirty trick to try, I hope unsuccessfully, to prevent us gaining our Independence.


  2. We have seen this all too often as the Britnat media know only too well the only way they can damage the SNP is bringing Sturgeon down and they will attempt to do that on every occasion. I’m afraid with the possibility of another Indy ref coming soon this will almost certainly intensify so I guess we shall have to live with it. It is just an example of a very warped and morally corrupt British society we have to suffer at the moment

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